Turner's Birthday Wish List

Turner's first birthday is quickly approaching (October 19), and I'm planning a small party with family.  I know Turner wouldn't care if we gave him a box for a present, but it is so much fun shopping for the little guy. Here are a few things I believe he would enjoy (minus the clothes)! 

I forgot to add BOOKS to his wish list. He usually tries to eat the books when I read to him, but I'm hoping he'll learn to sit still for longer than 5 seconds as well as not devour the book.

1. Alphabet Blocks - Amazon $32
2. Baby Gap - My all time favorite place to shop for little boy clothes
3. Teepee - Etsy $160 Alex and I are going to make one
4. Baby Moccasins - Etsy $20 (These are already on their way)
5. My First Anywhere Chair - Pottery Barn Kids $99
6. Beginner Band Set - Amazon $20

What are good 1st birthday gifts?

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