DIY Fabric Garland

I have found the easiest craft EVER! You can be the least crafty person and still perfect this fabric garland.  This is not one of those Pinterest projects you try to re-create and fail majorly at.  Follow these simple steps and you will succeed!

  • Solid Jelly Roll - $10.99 @ JoAnn Fabrics
  • Hemp Cord $5.99 
  • Scissors

The Jelly roll already has strips cut out in the ombre colors, but I wanted shorter and thinner strips.

1. Cut individual strips in half.

2. Cut the strips that you just cut in half down the middle to make thinner.

3. You will end up with 8 strips of each color.  Lay them out for better organization.

4. Take your hemp cord, and tie each individual strip around the hemp.  Tie 4 pieces of each color, and once you've gone through all the colors, repeat.

VOILA! You are finished and just made an awesome fabric garland for less than $20!

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