Little Man Fashion

If you are a mom to a little boy you know how hard it can be to find simple boy clothing. Most outfits I find have not so cute animals and phrases like "My Dad Rocks!" plastered all over them. I'm also tired of Carter's outfit sets.  There is always one onesie out of 3 I like. 

Good news Moms! I've found affordable and adorable boy clothes at JCPenney. I never thought to look there, but sure enough I stopped by one day and I went crazy in the baby section.  I couldn't believe the selection, and everything was on sale!  Here are a few of my favorites.   

1. Poplin Shirt $8
2. Colorblock Onesie $4
3. Canvas Overalls $18
4. Tee $6
5. Fox Shirt $18
6. Colorblock Tee $4
7. Puffer Vest $18
8. Sweater $8

1 comment:

kelsey williams said...

i love them all! did T get a full new wardrobe?