Just My Luck

Who out there signs up for giveaways?!  I find myself entering a giveaway at least once a day, and sure enough I have won quite a few.  I never thought of myself as a "lucky" person, but after you enter as many giveaways as I have you will likely win at some point.  I especially love giveaways  by bloggers I already follow, because I don't have to jump through many hoops to enter.

Here are the giveaways I've won the past few years;

I honestly think I'm missing a few, but I can say that it is so worth it to enter blog giveaways.  I don't mind taking the time to sign up, because you never know if you might win!  It doesn't hurt, that's for sure.  Right now, I'm hoping to win a home decor gift card from Young House Love or these beautiful custom cards from Signeroo.  I unfortunately don't have a giveaway for you today, but I hope to do more this year.  I love to surprise the winners with good news!

Have you been lucky enough to win a giveaway? If so, which ones?! 

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