Spring Favorites - Baby Boy Shoes

I'm starting to really enjoy shopping for Turner as he gets older.  At first, I was upset with the selection of boys clothes, but I've discovered some great brands and the right stores with reasonable prices.  If there is one thing Turner loves, it is shoes. He screams bloody murder when we take them off his feet at night. I'm sure I'll regret buying him so many shoes when he's in junior high requesting the latest pair of nikes that cost $150.  Now, I'm not a mom that will spend over $30 on a pair of baby shoes. $25 is about my limit. The most expensive pair I've ever bought him were his high top converse ($27), but he wears the heck out of those things and I'm sure my next baby can wear them.  Here are few of my favorites for this spring that are reasonable in price.

1. Old Navy Canvas Sneakers $15
2. Osh Kosh Camo Sandals $20
3. Carter's Loafers $23
4. Gap Waterproof Slip Ons $20
5. Humble Hilo Sandals $35 - This is a splurge, but c'mon! How cute are these sandals?! Unique and handmade.
6. Gap Colorbock Sneakers $25

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