ASOS Swimwear Favorites

I have fallen in love with ASOS and their affordable clothing.  Their swimsuits are incredibly cute, and very affordable unlike many other brands. I like to keep my bathing suit budget under $100, that includes both pieces if I don't buy a one piece.  This is only because I don't spend too much time in a bathing suit most summers, I don't lay out and I'm usually wearing a giant fishing shirt.  I've yet to own a one piece, but I might have to try one of these below. Not sure how they will make my derriere look, but we'll see.  As a mom, I'm not opposed to wearing a two piece bathing suit, as long as it covers well. 

2. Sardinia Bikini (splurge)
3. Stripe Paneled Swimsuit - $43 (Similar)

Where do you shop for bathing suits? If you're a Mom, are you a one piece kind of girl only or do you wear a bikini?

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