Bathroom Inspiration

It's been almost two weeks since Alex and I discovered a water leak in our bathroom.  Thankfully our insurance is going to cover it, but we're doing some additional work outside of just the water damage.  We originally were going to do all the work ourselves, but we decided to let the professionals put in the shower/retile, put up sheet rock, mud and retexture. We'll also be closing in our bathroom vanity area (it is currently wide open within our bedroom, not fun in the morning when one of us is getting ready and the other one tries to sleep).  I've been researching tile, hardware, grout, paint, toilets, mirrors and more.  Here are a few bathrooms I'm getting inspiration from.  I seem to lean towards a cottage style bathroom with hints of modern style.  See our guest bathroom renovation here.

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Arthur Bryant said...

I guess discovering that leak in your bathroom led to greater action. It opened your eyes to a bathroom renovation that you painfully needed. Anyway, I love the bathroom inspirations that you picked out. I'm sure both you and Alex are having a hard time settling on one look. I'd love to see how it turns out. All the best to you! :)

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express