Estate Sale Finds - 7.3-7.5

I'm hoping to make it to the estate sale below in Georgetown on Friday to grab a few of those beautiful leather suitcases to decorate Turner's next bedroom (travel theme).  I sort of get anxiety about showing up to an estate sale, standing in line, taking a number, and quickly scanning the house when the door first opens to grab that item I'm looking for before an 80 year old woman does (that's usually who beats me to it).  Sometimes, I'd rather wait till the last day of the sale to shop when everything is 50% off, and if my item isn't there then it's not meant to be. Most sales overprice everything the first day. Do you enjoy the rush of estate sales? Or would you rather by vintage items at an antique/thrift store?

Estate #1 - Georgetown

Estate #2 - Texas City

Estate #3 - Arlington

White Metal Bed Frame

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