ATTENTION! This campaign dresser, desk and nightstand are being sold in an online auction right now in Dallas, and the current bid is $36. THIRTY SIX DOLLARS! The bidding ends tomorrow at 2 pm, and the pick up is on Monday. I would love to bid on it, but I just can't pick it up on Monday (I would also need a truck).  Therefore someone NEEDS to get this amazing deal.  I was intending to buy it, flip it, and resale it.  I hope one of you can grab this AMAZING deal, and hopefully the bidding doesn't get too high.  Click HERE to go directly to the auction site.

Below are the for sale items, and just under those are redone pieces that you could transform them to look like. 

Dresser - Current Bid $36.00

Nightstand - Current Bid $8.00

Desk - Current Bid $31.50

More inspiration on how you can transform campaign furniture!

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