Estate Sale Finds - 11.13-11.16

It's been a while since I've had an estate sale post. Honestly it's because I haven't been thrifting at all since Alex and I have become crazy strict with our budget.  I saw these chairs below in Round Rock for sale and wanted them sooo bad! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it out to the estate sale this morning because of work.  Can we please change these estate sale rules....WHY on Thursday/Friday mornings?! I mean, I understand that you need a few days for the sale, and you drop the prices after each day, but c'mon....only retired people or stay at home moms can make it on a weekday!

Estate #1  - Round Rock

Estate #2 - Lewisville (Online Auction)
These online auctions are the BEST deals, because not many people know about them and most people won't bid...currently most of the items below are listed for $3.00 and no one has bid on them. I posted a while back about this Campaign Furniture, which was listed through the same online auction. Guys...the dresser sold for $36 and everything else was less than that! I'm still crying over the fact that I could not pick them up in Dallas.

Estate #3 - San Antonio

Holy Moly...that is a lot of square dancing skirts