Fun Filled Dreary Weekend

We had a rainy yet enjoyable weekend around here.  I really dread weekends when the forecast shows rain and super low temperatures, but we made the best of it.

I got to spend a couple of hours to myself at the outlet mall as I picked up a gift for a friend. I've got vacation on my mind, so I did some window shopping in preparation of finding the best deals.  PacSun blew me out of the water with some of their apparel. The bathing suit below was only $45 total, and was pretty flattering. They also had tons of sunglasses for $15. I've been wanting a pair of ray-bans, but didn't want to fork up $120.  I'm so happy I found an affordable alternative (I took a pic so I'll remember to go back)!

I drove down to south Austin for my first Barre3 class. It was free so I had to try it! I absolutely loved it, even though I was shaking the entire time, and I'm extremely sore now.  I would sign up to be a member in a heartbeat if they had a location in my area. Afterwards, I was feeling fancy so I grabbed a mocha at Bee Cave Coffee. I spent the next 30 minutes jamming out on my way home (dang you hands free law...I miss chatting with family while I drive).

At lunchtime, Alex, Turner and I went to check out a new model home grand opening not too far from our house. We really went for the free $20 Target gift card, but we were amazed by the beautiful homes. It made us second guess our fixer upper. Our dreams were then crushed when we found out the price tag for the home (almost $500,000). Back to reality we went. We would much rather have a smaller home, living debt free than being house poor. Afterwards, we checked out a nearby nursery, and I wanted to buy everything!

We also started our latest project, re-staining our bed frame.  Alex spent quite a few hours in the garage sanding down every piece, and Sunday we picked out a dark brown stain. I have to say, we have thoroughly enjoyed our bed being on the floor. Turner is in heaven, it's like his own little trampoline/playground. Later that night we headed to our good friend's house for dinner. They have been renovating their home for months now, and their newly renovated kitchen blew me away! I would love replace our cabinets, but not sure if we really want to put that much money in to it.


We were up by 7:30am (felt like 6:30), grabbed some Round Rock donuts and headed to a friend's for breakfast. We came home, finished House of Cards Season 3 (Go Claire!), and Turner decided to take a 3 1/2 hour nap. Thank the Lord! Daylight savings really threw us for a loop. We all didn't wake up from napping till 5:30. We then headed to Home Depot for some more stain options, and dined at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants (nasty rainy weather calls for Hot & Sour soup). We came home and all 3 of us wrestled on our mattress for hours...haha. It was a really great weekend, and I'm sad to see it go.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?!

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