Terrarium Workshop at Austin's Love Ding

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Terrarium Workshop at my favorite new home decor store, Love Ding. Some of my favorite Austin bloggers and creatives were there, and we had a blast creating our own terrariums. I was NOT a natural, but thanks to Slavonk and Hortus Terraria it turned out ok!

I was in awe of the beautiful and intricate pieces of furniture and decor inside Love Ding. I was like a kid in a candy shop, except I didn't have any money (ugh adult struggles). Kirsten snagged an amazing gold leather pouf for a great price, and many other ladies walked away with blankets and brass trinkets. 

Good news! Love Ding is hosting their next Terrarium Workshop on June 30th ($40), which includes amazing food and drinks (I was stuffing my face most of the night). Get your tickets HERE


Melissa said...

It was SUCH a fun night, and so, so great to see you! Still can't believe you made the trek all the way down, but so glad you did. Can't wait for the next crafternoon! xoxo M

Miss Louie said...

Ahhh!! Kirsten said this was so much fun!! I'm gonna get tickets for the next one :D