Peanut Butter & Banana Sushi with Peter Pan Simply Ground

I'm so excited to share this super easy recipe that's perfect for kids made with the new Peter Pan© Simply Ground Peanut Butter. Are you a lover of crunchy or smooth peanut butter? I love creamy and my husband loves crunchy, so this product is perfect because it combines the two! It spreads like creamy peanut butter but has a crunch-like texture. It is available in two varieties, Original and Honey Roasted, making it an easy choice for the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I like the wide-mouth jar which makes it easy for dipping and snacking! Simply Ground has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It packs at least seven grams of protein, which makes me feel great about giving to my kiddos!

This recipe only needs 3 ingredients and takes 10 minutes to make (my kind of cooking)! (P.S. Don't mind my toddler hand model with his dirty fingers...#momlife).

  • 1/2 cup of colorful multi-grain cereal
  • 1 Banana peeled
  • 2 tablespoons Peter Pan Simply Ground Peanut Butter
  •  Place cereal in recloseable food storage bag. Crush cereal and transfer to a shallow plate.
  •  Trim ends from banana. Spread peanut butter over outside of banana. Roll in to crushed cereal and cut in to 6 pieces.
I'm not lying when I say that after I made a huge batch of this PB & Banana Sushi I walked down my street and passed it out to the neighborhood kiddos. I felt like a 50's housewife with my serving tray passing out treats. I might be the most popular lady on the block now ; )

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Rachael Ray's Feedback House during SXSW and experiencing "The Wonderful Word of Peter Pan" activation space. I also got to meet Chef Spike Mendelsohn who showed us some delicious recipes using Simply Ground. I was in peanut butter heaven : )

Peanut Butter Pretzel Rods
No Bake Energy Balls - My favorite were the coconut
You can find more peanut butter recipes here!

This post was sponsored by Peter Pan© Peanut Butter. All thoughts and opinions are my own!


Unknown said...

Omg I love this and will have to make it for my daughter! Thanks for sharing :)

xo Raina

Marguerite said...

These look insanely delicious! Yum!