My Morning As A Mom Of Three

I've partnered with Wayfair to give you a peek in to my morning routine...well not necessarily a routine because there is definitely none of that going on right now in my life. Mornings around here are a bit hectic since the addition of Walt and Whitney. They are 2 months old, and in less than 2 weeks I'll be heading back to work full time. I'm ready to get back in to the swing of working again, but I know mornings are going to be CRAZY.

Don't you love my sweat-pants uniform?! Also, Turner is wearing a ninja turtle pajama onesie to school because it wasn't worth the fight this early in the morning.
My day starts between 6am and 8am, just depends on when the babies get up.  Turner wakes up around 7am and Alex gets him ready for school while I either sleep or feed a baby. Every once in a while Turner loses his mind while trying to get dressed, and I have to come in and help. We've actually started dressing him in his school clothes the night before, since getting him dressed in the morning is such a hassle. After Alex and Turner are off to work and school, I enjoy watching the Today show while holding/feeding the babies. I'm lucky if I get to eat breakfast before 11am. If I do get around to breakfast I usually eat cereal... super sugary kid's cereal. Fruit loops, Cocoa pebbles, Kix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are a few of my favorite #healthy ; ). I don't drink coffee, so I drink lots of water to keep me energized. Fridays are special days when we get to enjoy donuts and kolaches for breakfast! I love to set out the donuts on a cake plate. I'm a huge fan of using serving platters, domes, and cake plates for baked goods (muffins, cupcakes, etc). It quickly makes something store bought look like you slaved hours in the kitchen!

These days I lounge around in my pajamas and change to workout clothes around lunchtime so I can take a walk around my neighborhood and enjoy the fresh air (hello cabin fever). I'm soaking up these last 2 weeks at home before my maternity leave ends. I've been blessed to have 12 weeks off. I'm not sure how feeding twins, showering, putting on makeup, dressing, and getting everyone off to school will play out, but I'm sure it will be eventful. My mornings will have to start very early to get it all done.

Thanks for taking a glimpse in to my mornings. Do you have a morning routine? Any tips for getting ready in the morning with three kids?

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Amanda O. said...

My twins turned 3 months old today and I went back to work on Monday. It was HARD! I was reallt tore up about it on Sunday, but thank God for my hour-long train commute. If it weren't for all the people on the train I might've bawled my eyes out! 3 days in, though, and it's better. It always gets better. Enjoy the next two weeks!