Estate Sale

 I decided to stop by an estate sale this past Saturday morning, and overwhelmed is an understatement for what I felt when I walked in. Not only were there hundreds of people trying to maneuver themselves around the house, but the house was full of some of the most amazing treasures I have ever seen! It’s amazing how much you can tell about someone’s life just by their clothes. They were definitely world travelers that had a glamorous lifestyle. The woman’s closet alone took up 4 separate rooms.  I could have spent hundreds of dollars, but I had to take a deep breath and remember my budget.

A 1985 Mercedes in mint condition. I wanted this the most, but my husband said no.

My buys - An Enid Collins Handbag (I love horses), an animal print scarf, and a vintage polo for my brother.

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The Fashionably Bombed Girls said...

OMG! Both of us had vintage Mercedes' for our first cars! You totally should have bought it!