5 Simple Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

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Over the years I've learned how important self-care is to my mental and physical health as a mom. Raising children is utterly exhausting especially when they are small and need you 24/7.  You add working full-time, staying in shape, trying to have a social life, and maintaining your marriage...you're tired. I'm partnering with Alive! Multivitamins to share some simple ways to take care of yourself when life seems too much and you need to focus on you!

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Leaning In To Your Career When You Have Young Children

In high school I dreamed of being an executive in a board room wearing Jcrew suits and making impactful decisions. Then I had kids. I wasn't sure what to do with myself and my dreams. Today I'm sharing the many challenges I faced, the way my focus shifted and how I've continued to grow in my career even with young children. 

7 Ways To Reconnect With Your Spouse

It's easy to become disconnected with your spouse....kids, work, loss, money, grief, stress of life in general. My marriage is no where near perfect, but I want to share some insights I've made about dating and connecting with my husband over the last 9 years. 

Girls Weekend at Casa Cartel | Austin, TX

If you are planning a girls trip, couples getaway or even a family reunion...Casa Cartel in Austin, TX is a literal dream home to stay in. Check out this beautiful property just minutes from downtown. 

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Top 10 Conferences for Bloggers To Attend

Over the years I've learned the importance of attending blogger events and conferences. You will make connections that will last a lifetime and partnerships that could change your future. Today I'm sharing the best conferences to attend and why they are so important for your business!

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Life Lately

I've spoken at a couple of events recently and at each one I've touched on my writing. I have never claimed to be an amazing writer...honestly my grammar is terrible. I basically write what I feel like writing, and most of my posts are very personal which I why I wanted to give you a life update!