Weekend Memories

The past couple of months we've had quite a few weekends at home with no plans. A small part of me enjoys not having set plans, but a bigger part of me likes to have a schedule and things to do. What about you? Do you like having a weekend agenda or simply rolling with it?

Riviera Maya, Mexico | Valentine Imperial Maya All-Inclusive Resort

Alex and I traveled to Riviera Maya, Mexico for a 4 night 5 day kid-less vacation and it was just what we needed! Check out all the details of our trip below. 

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Life Lately

Sharing a bit about what's going on in life lately!

TX Hill Country | Frio River

Every time I visit the Texas Hill Country I'm in awe of it's beauty. Alex and I took the kids for a quick 24 hour trip to Leakey, TX on July 4th and I'm recapping where we stayed and what we did.

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July Small Goals

I completed all 5 of my June goals...woo hoo! I'm excited for July, and am already putting things on my schedule for September. To be honest, Christmas has come in to my mind a few times...ahhh, time flies!

6 Month NO Shopping Challenge Recap

My 6 Month NO Shopping Challenge is COMPLETE! A few things sparked my desire to do a no shopping challenge. 1.) My dad's passing 2.) Watching the MINIMALISM documentary on Netflix.  Both of these weighed heavily on me, and it was just a few days before the new year, so no better time to start a challenge.

"I want the stuff in my life to be light, easily managed, simple, so that the best of my energy is free for people, dreams, creativity. How we live matters, and what you choose to own will shape your life, whether you choose to admit it or not. Let's live lightly, freely, courageously, surrounded only by what brings joy, simplicity, and beauty." - Present over Perfect