Summer Bucket List

There's only one month left of summer break for my kiddos before school begins. Today I'm sharing what we've crossed off our summer bucket list and what I'd still love to do with them before it ends!

How to Pitch PR Agencies

If you are an influencer and aren't working with PR agencies this post is for you. I'm sharing why you should be working with them, what types of campaigns you can get, and how to pitch them!

June Budget Recap

First off, we sold our home! If you're new here, we bought our current home before we had sold our original home. It took longer than expected but it's done and we are rich...j/k. We did profit almost $100k on the sale and only owned the house 5 1/2 years, but we are putting that money towards our new home, maxing our kid's college funds for the year, paying off our debt (minus the van) and saving the rest. After we signed Alex went straight to the Toyota dealership to buy himself a truck, but I threatened him to WALK AWAY, haha! We are both spenders but know we have to save and be financially smart so we can set our family up for success.

Check out what we spent in June on eating out, home decor and clothing!

Hassle-Free Summer Entertaining

Alex and I are loving our new patio space and we had our first guests over a few weeks ago! I love to entertain, but it can be overwhelming depending on how big you go. I'm a go big kind of person, however I'm realizing the small, intimate and hassle-free parties are just as fun and very meaningful.

Relaxing Weekend in Salado, TX

Salado, TX is a quaint town centrally located between Austin and Waco (50 minutes from each). I spent the most relaxing weekend at the historic Stagecoach Inn nestled in the heart of Salado, and today I'm giving you all the details of this hidden gem. 

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5 Simple Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

This post is sponsored by Alive! Multivitamins.

Over the years I've learned how important self-care is to my mental and physical health as a mom. Raising children is utterly exhausting especially when they are small and need you 24/7.  You add working full-time, staying in shape, trying to have a social life, and maintaining your marriage...you're tired. I'm partnering with Alive! Multivitamins to share some simple ways to take care of yourself when life seems too much and you need to focus on you!

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Leaning In To Your Career When You Have Young Children

In high school I dreamed of being an executive in a board room wearing Jcrew suits and making impactful decisions. Then I had kids. I wasn't sure what to do with myself and my dreams. Today I'm sharing the many challenges I faced, the way my focus shifted and how I've continued to grow in my career even with young children.