16 Weeks


How Far Along: 16 weeks (I'm actually 17 today, but I'm a bit behind so I'll post 17 weeks in a few days)

Babies Genders: Boy AND Girl

Things to Note: Had my 16 week Dr. Appt and ultrasound. It was extremely hard not to find out right there what the genders were, as the tech told us see could tell the sexes within 30 seconds! I definitely think there is a boy in there...I'm 98% sure I saw male anatomy. Babies were moving around and looked like they were fighting each other. Hearts and brains looked to be in good shape and they are growing at the right pace. Thank you Jesus for healthy babies, that's all I ask for.

Bought 4 pairs of baby moccasins from Old Navy for the gender reveal...I was so excited!

Symptoms: Cramps when doing Zumba, Waking up at least once a night to use the restroom
(although this was normal prior to pregnancy)

Exercise: 30 min. walk x 2, 30 min. Zumba + Strength Training. That will definitely be the last time I do any sort of dancing or jumping exercise.

Weight Gain: 8 lbs.

Clothing: Still wearing non maternity clothes. Maternity jeans and shorts are too big and the tops look like bags, so I'm sticking to stretchy shorts and using a hair band for closure on my regular jeans.

Cravings: N/A, my appetite has definitely subsided this week, but my belly looks like it grew a football inside over night!

Before And After: Accent Chairs


When I found these amazing chairs at a neighborhood garage sale a few months back I knew I couldn't pass up the $5 a piece deal. I contemplated the idea of reupholstering them myself, but honestly they were so comfortable and perfect for our home that I didn't want to screw them up.

I decided to research local upholstery companies in my area, and my friend mentioned Economy Upholstery in Round Rock.  I checked them out, and quickly discovered they would be my best option plus they did free quotes and local pick ups! It took me forever to pick out the fabric. I knew I didn't want to paint or re-stain the original wood, so I needed to find a fabric that would work with the brown finish. In the end I chose a heavy upholstery fabric with a herringbone print in navy and cream. Check out the before and after photos!

First Trimester


Here's a recap of my first trimester. I was lucky enough to have a very easy pregnancy with Turner, and this twin pregnancy isn't much different other than my extreme appetite and need for sleep (ALL the time)! This will be the last time I'm ever pregnant, so I'm trying to savor these moments.

Week 4

  • Whoo hoo...two positive pregnancy tests!
  • Told family via phone or text
  • Chose new OBGYN, Scheduled Dr. Appointment - (made appt for when I'm 9 weeks)
  • Downloaded pregnancy app - already annoying and telling me I can eat unpasteurized cheese....yeah, I don't think I'm going to stick with that one.
  • Fear and worry set in - will I have a miscarriage? Will the baby be ok? I have seen friends experience some horrific things, and I now realize how blessed I am to have had a healthy baby.
  • Bloated...hoping my belly shows sooner this time around
  • I started working out more, because I knew that in a few short months it would be very hard to work out....specifically crunches. I also had good energy, so there wasn't anything holding me back.

Week 5

  • Went to ER and had an ultrasound done which is where I was surprised to find out I was having TWINS!
  • Called my OBGYN the next day and requested an earlier appointment, but they wouldn't move me up. Then the nurse told me it's possible I'm not having twins due to something called a pseudo sac, and that the ER docs aren't specialized in reading ultrasounds. OMG....the emotions! You're telling me there is a chance I might NOT be having twins? What the heck am I supposed to do for the next month?
  • Scheduled an appointment with an ultrasound tech because I couldn't wait a month to be for sure, and I wanted to know prior to vacation. 
  • Holy crap, am I really having twins? I barely slept an hour that night. I kept googling "breastfeeding twins, tips for having twins, items you need for twins, etc." 
  • Bloating
  • Threw up on Saturday a ton but wondering if it was due to pregnancy or a stomach bug
  • Extremely hungry all the time
  • Drowsiness definitely hit me this week. I blogged a lot less and stayed up till about 9pm. Prior to pregnancy I would stay up writing till midnight.
  • Body Pump
  • Tone It Up Bikini Series Youtube Workout
  • Yoga

Week 6


  • Scheduled an ultrasound because my doc wouldn't see me before 9 weeks, and I wanted to know for SURE if I was having twins before I went on vacation. 
  • Deleted pregnancy app....they are so annoying. 
  • Ravenous...craving burgers and very fatty foods
  • Zumba - almost passed out after about 30 minutes, did strength training for another 30 minutes
  • Walked a mile during lunch

Week 7


  • It seemed like FOREVER waiting a week till my ultrasound. Alex and I met at the ultrasound office on Tuesday 6/23, and after 30 minutes of trying to fill my bladder the lady was finally able to see the sacs. She saw one sac very well, and saw the heartbeat immediately. She spent a lot of time taking photos and measuring, and then continued to look for another sac. She seemed a bit disappointed, and couldn't seem to see anything....UNTIL she said "I see another heartbeat! You're having twins! I was so happy! As crazy as the emotional train I was on the past week, I really didn't want to see one of the sacs disappear. 
  • Went to my new OBGYN orientation
  • Just as hungry as last week. I fill up VERY quickly, but then am so hungry an hour later, I feel like I'm going to pass out. Cravings - soup & salad
  • About to fly to Hawaii and worried about getting nauseous
  • Body Pump 
  • 30 min. walk
  • Zumba

Week 8

  • Tons of activities in Hawaii
  • I think vacation took my mind off of being pregnant, because my symptoms were more subdued. I was tired all the time, but I blamed that on all the activities we were doing during the day. We would wake up around 6am every morning and go to bed by 9 or 10pm.
  • Bloated, my belly felt huge
  • Surf Lesson
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
Week 9

  • Had my first apt with my OBGYN and confirmed that I am DEFINITELY having twins.
  • Took a nap in the back of my van during lunch because I was so tired I felt like passing out.
  • Gained 5lbs and I'm pretty sure it's all in my boobs.
  • Extreme exhaustion which led to the need for lots of car naps during my lunch break (see photo below)
  • Boobs hurt constantly (this continues through week 12)
  • NONE and not ashamed

Week 10

  • Took family/announcement photos with Austin photographer, Lindsey Rivera. She was wonderful!
  • The size of my stomach has decreased, I guess I'm just not as bloated this week.
  • Extreme cravings for Burgers, sour candy and ICEEs
  • Piyo (Pilates/Yoga class)
  • BodyPump

Week 11

  • Dentist appt. - thankfully my doc ok'd for me to have some fillings done.
  • N/A, other than the occasional need for a nap. My hunger was finally subdued this week. 
Feelings: Dreaming of how their nursery will look. Will it be gender neutral for 2 boys or 1 boy and 1 girl? 

  • 2 x 30 min walk
I'm very thankful that I had a smooth first trimester (as you can see I skipped the 12th week..no big news to report). No real nausea, but mainly extreme exhaustion and the appetite of an NFL lineman. The babies are healthy and growing, and I'm excited to start feeling their movements during the second trimester! I also can't wait to find out their genders on August 27 at my next appointment. I have an ultrasound at every monthly appointment, which is so fun!

Tapatio Springs Resort Weekend + A Giveaway!


A few weeks ago Alex, Turner and I headed south to Boerne, TX to spend the weekend at Tapatio Springs, a hill country resort and spa.  It was a great getaway and only a short 2 hour drive from Austin. It was just what we needed for a short family vacation.  We spent most of our time in the pool, and if we weren't in the pool we were hanging out outside. It's nestled in the TX Hill Country so it's quiet and you are surrounded by trees.

Tapatio Springs’ new $1 million pool and bar area features an expanded pool deck, curved-tube water slide, hot tub, fire pits, shuffleboard courts and an outdoor bar with flat-screen televisions. Turner went down that slide over 100 times by himself. To say he was obsessed is an understatement.

The best PB&J we've ever had....double stacked and local TX strawberry jam!

After we showered and relaxed a bit in our room, we headed to the resort's restaurant, La Cascada.  The food and ambience were amazing, but Turner was a stinker. He did NOT want to sit still, so we had no shame in trying to entertain him with our phones. We enjoyed steak, chicken, cheese grits, brussel sprouts and an amazing cheese plate!


Prior to going to Tapatio Springs, we found out George Strait was the co-owner so we jammed out to his music the entire drive.  When we arrived at the resort, Turner kept asking where George Strait was...I was hoping we would see him too! Sadly, he wasn't there that weekend, but we did get to stare at this great wall covered in George Strait memorabilia. After dinner we headed out to the patio to enjoy live music, and Turner went crazy running around in the grass. It's like he'd never seen a field before.

Sunday morning we headed back to the restaurant for breakfast, and had a lovely view of the golf course while sitting on the patio. Maybe the only good thing about an early rising toddler is that we had the patio all to ourselves. Alex and I didn't get a chance to golf, but they have an amazing course!

After breakfast we headed back to the pool for a few more hours before hitting the road. While Alex and Turner swam, I checked out the Puresol Spa, which had an amazing therapeutic Salt Cave. I spent 30 minutes by myself napping inside...just what this mom in her first trimester needed.  

It was a short and sweet mini vacation, and I highly recommend checking it out! Great for families, romantic getaways, a girls weekend and more. It's much more affordable than other resorts in Texas, and the quaint town of Boerne is only a ten minute drive away. Boerne has a historic downtown and a ton of antique shops (my favorite kind of shopping)!

Now to the best part. I'm very excited to be hosting a GIVEAWAY of a 1 Night Stay for 4 (including complimentary meals) and 4 tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas to one lucky winner! Please enter using the Rafflecopter entry form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Series of Unfortunate & Fortunate Events


I have a CRAZY story to tell you (long but entertaining). A few months ago, Alex was involved in a minor car accident on his way down 35 during the downpour Texas was having. Even though it was minor, his car was still totaled.  We began looking for another vehicle immediately and after a few weeks I was finally able to convince Alex we should get a minivan.  We found a Honda we were interested in, and they allowed Alex to take it over night so we could have our mechanic check it out. The next day our mechanic gave it the OK, and on the way back to the dealership to purchase the van, Alex got in ANOTHER car wreck. Thankfully no one was hurt and it was pretty minor, but once again we were back to square one, and back to paying another $500 deductible.

At that point I told Alex he should just ride a bike.  We were down to my car, and that proved to be a bit difficult with our schedules. About a week after Alex's second accident, on Sunday night May 31, I was stopped at a light when I was rear ended by a truck. It was a very hard impact, that scared the absolute crap out of me. One minute I'm jamming out to the radio, and the next thing my body is flying forward like a rag doll. My car was totaled. My airbags didn't go off and thankfully I didn't hit my steering wheel. My neck hurt instantly and I immediately started crying...I was in shock.  I was able to pull off to the side of the road, and a witness contacted the police.  I immediately called Alex, and told him I was in a car accident. Since he was at home with NO car and Turner, our neighbors were kind enough to let Alex borrow their car and watch Turner while we went to the hospital.  I didn't call the ambulance, because I really didn't want all the drama.

My car : (
The truck that hit me. I'm pretty sure this is illegal. So thankful I didn't have Turner in the back seat.
I had found out the week prior that I was pregnant, so I was 5 weeks at this point. I told the doctor I was pregnant, and she wanted to do an ultrasound to be safe.  Alex and I were in the ER for about 2 hours when I told him he should head home and get Turner from our neighbor's and put him to bed since it was getting late, and I would take an Uber home. I was really ok at this point, just icing my neck. He left, and not long after the doctor walked in to give me the report. She said that everything looked good, but she believed that I was going to have two babies. "WHAT??!!!! You believe? Ummm...are you sure?" I asked the doctor for pictures so I could have some sort of proof to which she replied she would try to get.

The doctor left the room, and a million emotions rushed through my body.  I immediately texted Alex and told him to get back to the hospital ASAP to come get me as I was finished and ready to go. While I waited and thought about how I would break the big news, I called my mom and sister. "Mom....I'm having TWINS!!!" You can imagine their reactions. "Are you joking? Holy crap!" 

Alex arrived and I told him I had to wait a tad longer for the report. He layed down on the hospital bed (good thing), and that's when I popped the news!
Me: "We're going to need a double stroller." 
Alex: "Huh? What?" 
Me: "We're having Twins!"
Alex: "You're kidding. No, your joking, right? 
Me: "I'm not joking. I'm completely serious. The doctor just told me she sees two babies."
Alex: "No, you're full of crap."

After a few minutes of convincing, he finally believed me. 

This was prior to me finding out we were having twins.
After what seemed like forever, the doctor came in and told us to follow her to the computer so we could look at the photos. Utter shock....oh my goodness, two little eggs or whatever those little things are called.  We didn't know whether to cry or celebrate.

That night I maybe slept an hour or so. I kept waking up wide eyed freaking out, and googling things like "Breastfeeding twins", "What supplies you need for twins", etc. The next day I contacted my OBGYN and told them about my twin news and asked if they could move my 9 week appointment up before our vacation (which I would be 8 weeks). The nurse told me unfortunately they couldn't, AND then said that it's possible I'm not having twins and that the extra sac could be a pseudo sac which is common and would go away in a few weeks. She said a lot of times the hospitals can mess up in their readings. Ok...so now I'm thinking "Am I having twins? Am I NOT having twins?" I really did not want to go on a week long vacation to Hawaii with these questions on my mind. I wanted to be for sure one way or the other. So, I made an appointment for an ultrasound at a private facility when I was 7 weeks.

Alex and I went to our appointment not sure what to expect. At this point, I was really hoping that one of the babies wasn't gone, but a part of me was also scared out of my mind thinking about raising twins. The ultrasound tech found the first baby and a heartbeat very quickly, but was having a hard time seeing since my bladder didn't fill very much. She kept looking and looking for what seemed like forever, and said "Hmmm...I'm not seeing anything else." I was becoming dissapointed, AND then all of a sudden she said "I SEE ANOTHER HEARTBEAT! YOU'RE HAVING TWINS!" Whoo hoo! Omg...we're really having twins. I asked how sure she was and she said 100%.

You have the shock of twins, and then the stress of having to buy not 1 but 2 new cars. Our prior cars were completely paid off, so it really sucked having to get car payments. We searched and tried to find the biggest bang for our buck and settled on a 2008 Toyota Sienna and 2008 Honda Pilot. Both have high mileage, but our mechanic said they were in good shape, and the biggest priority was they hold our GROWING family.

And that is the crazy story of how we found I was having twins!

Family Photo Session w/ Lindsey V. Rivera Photography


Alex and I really wanted to capture our family of 3 before the TWINS are born. Turner is such a light in our lives, and having Lindsey from Lindsey V. Rivera Photography capture his personality in these photos is a wonderful gift.  She also shot some photos for our big pregnancy announcement here!

Turner lasted about 45 minutes and it took a lot of bribing to get him to cooperate, but I'm beyond happy with how these photos turned out. We headed to the water at the end of the shoot, and I'm so glad we did! Lindsey is a mom herself so she understood the dynamics of shooting a toddler with a big personality, and her goal is to capture families in the moment (less poses) which I love!

Austin Photographer Lindsey V. Rivera Photography - Family Photos - Jesse Coulter Blog
Outfit details - Alex: Shirt: JcPenney. Jeans: Levi's. Shoes: Steve Madden. Jesse: Dress: Old Navy. Shoes: BCBG via DSW. Turner: Shirt: Old Navy. Shorts: Carter's. Shoes: Baby Gap

Find Lindsey on Facebook and Instagram! I highly recommend her if you are looking for a family photographer in the Austin area.

Austin Moms Blog: Why I'm Choosing to Work to Pay for Daycare


I recently wrote on Austin Moms Blog about my decision to continue working after having my twins.  As hard as it is to see my paycheck go, I know it's an investment in my career and future. Not just my future, but my children's future as well. 

Photo by Lindsey Rivera Photography 
Have you had to face this decision? What are your thoughts?

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