Statement Necklaces by GAIA Empowered Women


At my last ATX Blogger Mixer I noticed these beautiful necklaces by GAIA Empowered Women and couldn't stop thinking about them. They make a bold statement and the best part is they are handmade by resettled refugee women rebuilding their lives in Dallas, TX.

When You're Mommy Shamed For Working


A few days ago a reader asked me for some advice about going back to work postpartum. I haven't written many posts about being a working mom, but I did write a post almost a year ago on Austin Moms Blog about my decision to continue working after I had Walt and Whitney.  I headed to AMB to find the post, and I made the horrible decision to re-read the comments section that started quite a battle online (specifically Facebook). You can read the post here and the ridiculous Facebook comments here.

Oh goodness, it got me all stirred up again. Most of the comments made me feel guilty and selfish for working, but then I had working moms and even stay at home moms stick up for me.

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Photo: Laura Morsman Photography

Denim X Denim


It's been raining all week here in Austin, and I'm loving it! It's given us a break from triple digit heat and given everyone a glimpse of fall. I'm a HUGE fan of denim and could wear jeans everyday. I felt like wood-worker of some sort in this denim on denim outfit. I was reassured of this of this when a bearded guy complimented my outfit while I was eating a hamburger. 

My First Botox Experience + Viva Day Spa


The past few years I've been hearing more and more about young adults having Botox treatments for the anti-aging effects.  My friends and family have raved about it, and so I decided to give it a try! Getting treatments like this are extremely taboo, and I found that a part of me thought I was being weak or not confident in myself if I had Botox.  I am a confident person, and know deep down I don't need Botox to feel beautiful. However, as I approach 30 aging has been more on my mind, and I was open to trying it at least once to see what all the hype was about.

Cue Viva Day Spa! I happened to walk in to the spa on their opening day at the Domain, and I was in awe of how beautiful the space was. I met the wonderful owners a few weeks later, and was invited to their Botox and Bubbles event. It was like the stars aligned because I had been contemplating Botox for a few months, and this was the perfect opportunity to try it!

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30 Ways To Celebrate Your 30th Birthday!


My 30th birthday is quickly approaching (Oct. 24), and I've been thinking about how I want to celebrate. Here are 30 FUN ideas I've come up with! If your over 30, how did you celebrate?

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Photo: The Balloon Bar

Walt & Whitney - 7 Months


Happy 7 months Walton and Whitney! This past month has been HUGE for development. They have changed so much, and are starting to interact with Turner, Alex and I much more.

Life lately:
  • I've started getting rid of baby items that we no longer use - Twin z pillow, Rock n' play, Bumbos and lots of clothes. I feel like they are growing much faster than Turner did and going through outfits like crazy. I've been buying mostly second hand, but if I see a cute outfit that has a coordinating color like the onesies below, then I immediately buy them because....TWINS!
  • My social schedule has calmed down this summer, so most nights I'm at home. Sometimes Alex and I are lucky enough to eat a hot dinner together.
  • We had 6 month photos taken with Laura Morsman and even though I forgot their outfits they turned out adorable! See the full post here.
Outfits: Aden and Anais. Bow: Little Poppy Co.

Turner's Morning Routine + SoCozy Haircare


This post is brought to you in partnership with SoCozy, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

Every morning Turner comes in to our room and asks "Today do I have to go to school?" When it's not the weekend I dread answering him because he loses his mind if I say yes. It's getting better, especially after we had a serious conversation about how we should rephrase our question to "Do we get to go to school today?" because so many children in this world don't have the same opportunity.

Sometimes we have to do a little bribery and let him watch cartoons or offer to get donuts and kolaches. Once we're through the tough part of the morning, we get ready for the day. Turner recently had his hair cut and for some reason I finally asked for a more hip hairstyle. Oh my goodness, I'm obsessed!

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