30 Day Optimism Challenge Recap

This post is sponsored by Frost Bank, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Challenge complete! Today I'm sharing a recap of Frost Bank's 30 Day Optimism Challenge I participated in including my favorite challenges and what I've learned the past month!

Life Lately

Fall is almost is here which means it's almost my favorite time of the year! My schedule is ramping up and I thought I would give you an update on what's happening in my life! P.S. my denim jumper is on major sale for only $49!

Career Q&A

I don't remember what I wanted to be when I was child, but I do remember a conversation I had with a woman in an aerobics class my senior year of high school. She asked what I wanted to study in college and I told her I wasn't sure. She then asked what I was good at and what I liked. I said I enjoyed meeting people and talking ; ). She proceeded to describe her role which was in marketing. A light went off, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

Today I'm sharing a look in to my career background and answering questions I've been asked recently about career planning and the job search process!

Five Reasons to Vacation at Mo-Ranch

You can expect to spend 14 hours in the car driving across the state of Texas from one end to the other, which is one of the reasons you might hear the phrase, "Everything is bigger in Texas!". I was born and raised in Texas and I'm still discovering new places to visit. Once in a while Alex and I try to visit a new city or small town, but every year we go back to my favorite place on earth, Mo-Ranch. Today I'm sharing five reason why everyone should vacation there! 

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Optimism Challenge Update

This post is sponsored by Frost Bank, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

We're halfway through the Frost Bank Opt for Optimism Challenge and I'm absolutely loving it! If you aren't familiar with it, it is a 30 day challenge focusing on fostering generosity, building community and changing perspectives. Every day you will be emailed a challenge related to one of those categories and will be encouraged to participate that day. How many acts of optimism does it take to move the needle against the big, negative forces that each of us face, ever day?! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite daily challenges I've participated in and some fun stories! 

Weekend in Dallas

A few weeks ago Alex and I spent a weekend in Dallas to attend our college friend's wedding. We dropped the kiddos off with grandparents and were excited for time sans kids!  You know the kind of time where you can actually speak to each other in full sentences, eat food at a normal pace, and sleep past 6:30am. The day we arrived I had just accepted a written offer from my new job at IBM so it was the perfect way to celebrate, not to mention Alex had just started a new job at Apple as well!

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Summer 10x10 Recap

This was my third 10x10 wardrobe challenge to participate in, and it's been my favorite so far. I had a bit more time to choose my 10 pieces which helped! Lee Vosburgh hosts the challenge, and the goal is to choose 10 items of clothing (including shoes) and style them over 10 days to create 10 outfits. Read on for tips on creating your own capsule wardrobe and links to the pieces I wore!

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