Top Family Friendly Texas Vacations

As a born and raised Texan I have spent 35 years in this amazing state and have been lucky enough to explore it's beautiful and vast terrain. Now a mom of 3 I'm always on the hunt for family friendly destinations. In this post I'm going to highlight some specific destinations that my family and I have loved and why. I've broken them out by area including the TX Hill country, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas/Fort Worth. 

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Golden Goose Sneaker Review

I bought my very first pair of Golden Goose sneakers and I'm here to share my honest review! You may be on the fence about purchasing, and I'm going to break down the pros and cons. 

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Why You Need a Mentor & How to Find One

No matter what your role is (self-employed, big company, small company) having a mentor is beneficial to your career and goals!  Check out today's post on why I think it's essential and how to find one.

Fredericksburg, TX Family Guide

Less than 2 hours from Austin you'll find one the cutest towns in Texas, Fredericksburg. A picturesque small town with shopping, restaurants, wineries and a rich German history. Check out my guide on my favorite family-friendly activities, restaurants and places to stay. 

Fredericksburg, TX Family Travel Guide

How I Stopped Chronic Nail Biting

I have been a nail biter since I can remember. I have also twirled my hair and bitten my lip. Not sure what those tendencies are called...anxious habits? I do them with I'm nervous, stressed or when my mind is wandering. Nail biting has been hard on my teeth and to be honest not great for my health because my hands are always in my mouth. Today I'm sharing how I finally stopped!