My Christmas Wish List - 2016


I know, I've seen a hundred gift guides. This is not a gift guide, this is what I genuinely want for Christmas ; ). I've learned over the years wish lists are KEY to not being disappointed on Christmas morning.  Alex and I will usually set an amount around $100 to spend on each other, and he doesn't stray from my list.  Are you specific with gifts you want or are you less picky?

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Here are a few a few things I would love to have wrapped under my tree this year!

1. James Avery Script Initial Ring - I tried these sterling silver rings on during Black Friday and fell in LOVE! I've wanted some piece of jewelry to symbolize my kids, and these aren't corny and look adorable stacked together. $50 per ring isn't crazy either! James Avery Jewelry, headquartered in Texas, has been a brand I've worn since I was a child. I can't wait to buy Whitney her first charm bracelet.

2.) Zeel Massage on Demand - Zeel massage delivers spa-quality massages to your home, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 7am-10:30pm. I would love their spa package which includes a plush robe, massage table sheet set, relaxing sage candle, a bottle of Frangipanie Oil by Elemis and a 60 min. massage. Put the kids to bed and have a massage in my own home...yes please! They offer Swedish, chair, sports, deep tissue, prenatal and couple massages.

3.) Sunfern Studio Joanna Necklace - I recently discovered Austin based Sunfern Studio on Instagram and immediately became obsessed! This necklace would bring so much life to my simple/neutral outfits.

4.) Sticky9 Magnets - If you've been in my house you've seen my refrigerator door covered in Sticky9 magnets. I would love to cover my ENTIRE fridge in them. I desperately need to add photos of the babies, since the last time I printed magnets was before I was even pregnant with them. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen feeding kids and cleaning, and these magnets bring me so much joy and add lots of color and life to my kitchen. You can choose Instagram photos or any photo from your computer/phone to print. They come in sheets of 9 magnets.

5.) Cleaning Service - If I could have someone come to my house once a month to deep clean, I would be in heaven. Seriously though....this might be the most boring but best gift of all time to a busy mom!

6.) Sunfern Studio Lori Necklace - What do I really need to say. I love everything about this necklace! Maria Soltera handmakes each one of these and her work is beautiful.

7.) J.Crew / Carl Estime Glitter Boots - Ok, this is an extravagant want but it's fun dreaming. Honestly I would never spend $400 on boots unless I could wear them with everything.

8.) Lush Bath Bomb Gift Set - I recently discovered Lush at their new store front in the Domain and would love to try out their popular bath bombs. I'm kind of over ninja turtle bubble bath.

There you have it! My 2016 Christmas wish list covers things from fashion to relaxation to practicality. What's on your wish list this year? I would love to know!



If you didn't know I now have a new tab at the top of my blog titled INSTAGRAM SHOP. There you can see all the outfits I post to Instagram because sometimes those outfits won't make a full blog post. P.S. This scarf is seriously the BEST! It's uber soft, big and comfy, has pom poms on the bottom and is only $24.50. Get it HERE!

Choosing To Take It Easy This Christmas


Last Christmas I had an advent calendar for Turner, decorated my entire house, did tons of holiday themed activities, and hosted a Favorite Things Christmas Party for my closest friends. This year I was lucky enough to get a tree up and decorated. I'm taking it easy this year, and that's OK.

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Boerne, TX Travel Guide


Every year my sister, sis-in-law and mom take a girls trip to celebrate my mother's birthday. It's a great time to get away, relax and connect just us girls. This year we decided to visit Boerne, TX, which is only 2 hours from Austin and 20 min. north of San Antonio. Boerne is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and was founded by German immigrants over 150 years ago. It's a great place for a family vacation, couples weekend and girls trip.

Check out my travel guide below!  

I Started a YouTube Channel!


It's official! I'm a YouTuber. It's taken me years to pull the trigger, but thanks to Alex, my blogging buddy Erica and some inspiring women I decided to take the plunge. A few months back Alex tried to talk me in to it but I was hesitant with all that was going on in my life (new job + baby twins)...however it seemed like the message was not going away. I would listen to podcasts or friends talk about blogging, seizing the day, business owning, chasing after dreams and for some reason YouTube kept coming back to me. I finally got tired of making excuses and did it, and I'm so glad I did. Alex is a huge YouTube fan and willingly volunteered to do the editing (which takes up the most time), so I'm thankful to partner with him on this. I can't wait to talk with you about the things I, motherhood, travel, home decor and more! There will be lots of dancing and outtakes. I'm hoping to post once a week, so please subscribe and follow along!

Are you a YouTube fan? What types of videos do you enjoy watching?!

Candy Cane Christmas Tree


For the past 5 years Alex and I have put up a very traditional and simple (artificial) green tree, but this year I wanted to do something fun! Working with At Home has inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new so this year I bought a silver tree!

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Photo: Brooke Taelor

Modern Christmas Mantel


This year I've scaled back when it comes to decorating for Christmas. I decided to keep it simple when it came to our mantel and went with a black, white, red and green Scandinavian theme. Check out details about my inspiration and why I kept it simple!

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Photo by Brooke Taelor