Kalahari Resort Family Vacation in Round Rock, TX

America's Largest Indoor Waterpark, Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, opened just minutes from my home and we were able to get a first hand experience of this amazing hotel on opening weekend! Read my full guide if you are planning a trip to Kalahari in Round Rock, Texas. 

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Walt and Whitney | 5 Years Old

Happy Birthday to my favorite twins! When Alex and I started trying to have a second child, we NEVER imagined we would be pregnant with twins 😳.  Watch how we find out here! It has been a whirlwind the last five years, but we are so grateful for Walt and Whitney and their hilarious personalities and good health. 

January Small Goals

I've never been a big resolution type of person or choosing a word for the year. However, 3 years ago I started writing out small monthly goals and it was an absolute game changer. Setting small goals made them much more attainable. It's much easier to achieve a larger goal when you break it up, for instance if you want to start a blog you would set goals of how to achieve that every month. For instance one month could be to research/decide on a blog name and buy a domain. The next month could be to buy a template, design your site, and so on. A big hairy goal can be overwhelming so breaking it up in to bite size monthly goals is helpful! 

My Top Binge-Worthy Shows

I watch A LOT of TV. At least 2 hours a night and usually more. Some nights it just plays in the background as I write ( Real Housewives of anywhere), but many nights I binge watch because I love the alone time. There are so many great shows that have been produced over the past few years, and today I'm sharing my favorites by genre. If you are looking for something to watch this post is for you!