How I Stopped Chronic Nail Biting

I have been a nail biter since I can remember. I have also twirled my hair and bitten my lip. Not sure what those tendencies are called...anxious habits? I do them with I'm nervous, stressed or when my mind is wandering. Nail biting has been hard on my teeth and to be honest not great for my health because my hands are always in my mouth. Today I'm sharing how I finally stopped!

Home Renovation Q&A

We are in the thick of some major home renovations and I'm going to answer your questions on how we financed it, who we used, and how we planned each project!

Guide to Round Top Antiques Week

Round Top, TX is one of the most unique small towns in the state and twice a year hosts one of the biggest antique fairs in the entire country. People come from all over the world to sell and buy. Check out my guide for shopping tips, food, lodging and more!

Guide to Round Top Antiques Week