Maternity Photos {Part 1}


I had the privilege of having my maternity photos taken by photographer Todd White a few weeks ago in Georgetown. I was 26 weeks pregnant, but the black dress really hides my bump. The shoot was more fashion minded, so Alex and Turner didn't join me. Although, I did miss having them in the photos, it was much easier not having a toddler running around (plus coordinating outfits is so dang stressful). 

I did my own hair, and my makeup was done by Sarah Frey. I had never had my makeup professionally done for photos, but boy did it make all the difference! I'm so used to doing my own makeup which is very minimal, that seeing myself in darker makeup threw me off a bit but Sarah promised me that it would turn out great in photos. She was can actually see my eyebrows and lips ; ). I also wore fake eyelashes which blew my mind.  I remember coming home after the shoot all dressed up, makeup done, hair done and having no where to go...sweat pants immediately came on : ( Stay tuned for Part 2 which includes a completely different outfit and scenery.

Dress: c/o PinkBlush Maternity. Shoes: Clark's. Hat: Cotton On.

28 Weeks {Twins}


How Far Along: 28 Weeks (this is a week late so I can give you a full update on my 28th week of pregnancy)

Babies Genders: Boy (Walton) AND Girl (Whitney)

Due Date: February 8, will deliver no later than January 25

Things to Note:
- Passed my glucose test!

- Had my 28 week appointment and ultrasound. The babies each weigh 2lb 7oz. and my belly is measuring 34 weeks for a single baby.

- Co-hosted the 5th ATX Blogger Mixer and had a blast! I was on my feet for 4 hours, but honestly I felt great. I think it was the adrenaline and being distracted by such awesome women. 

- Took a girls trip to Fredericksburg and did a lot of walking. When we planned this trip months ago, I was worried I would be too big to walk around all day, but thankfully I was still trucking along.

Weight gain: 30 lbs. 

Nursery: Wanting to organize the closet soon, but won't do much till my host daughter moves out so we can utilize the guest bedroom closet for space.

- Heartburn
- Sometimes I have a lingering/aching pain down my right hamstring after standing for too long. 

Exercise: Treadmill walking (30min.)

Clothing: It's starting to get cold, and I'm wanting to wear leggings more everyday. My non-maternity leggings are starting to become uncomfortable, and I only have a couple of pairs of maternity leggings. I might need to invest in 1 or 2 more pairs for the holidays (or I can just do a lot of laundry). See my outfits here.

Cravings: N/A

Sofa Fort City with Wayfair


Have you ever used your couch for a fort? I've yet to make a fort with my son until now. Today I've partnered with Wayfair to show you just one way to make a simple fort for the kiddos. This design is called Fort Cushington. Simply use your seat cushions to make a roof supported by a coffee table and maybe an ottoman or chairs. Add some stuffed animals for defense, snacks in case you get attacked, and of course a comfy throw blanket if you need a nap! I used this taupe Lush Decor bamboo throw, and when fort playing is over I can add it to my living room decor.

Turner is more of a fan of jumping all over the couch, but it's fun to use our imaginations!

Dressing the Bump {Second Trimester}

Dressing a baby bump during the 2nd trimester is always my favorite. You're not too huge, but most people can tell you're pregnant (for me especially carrying twins). I wore a ton of dresses due to unpredictable Texas weather as it transitioned from Summer to Fall. When it came to pants, I only wore jeans and jeggings. I always favor low-panel jeans and side panel jeans are bearable. I despise over the belly jeans because they always end up sagging.

My advice would be to invest in a few key pieces, but choosing the right ones depends on what you do for a living. Are you a stay at home mom? Invest in some casual outfits (jeans, leggings/jeggings, tees, casual t-shirt dresses that you can easily move around in with your kiddos). If you go in to the office everyday and have to dress more formal, I would invest in a few dresses that you can dress up or down, as well as a pair of ankle length dress pants that you can wear with flats or heels. Whatever your job may be, I would own a lot of cardigans and tunics that cover your definitely grows over time ; ). Some of my favorite brands for maternity clothing are Old Navy, Gap, Envie De Fraise, ASOS and PinkBlush Maternity.

If you hate spending money on maternity clothes, look for non-maternity pieces such as tunics, a-line dresses, jogger pants, maxi dresses and a-line skirts that have stretchy waist bands. Cotton On is a great resource for tunics, cardigans and baggy dresses that work throughout pregnancy.

If you want to see my outfits throughout my entire pregnancy, click HERE!

Channeling your Creativity in a Corporate Job


I read this article a few weeks ago about having a creative spirit in a corporate world, and I absolutely loved it! There have been so many times I've heard of people quitting their corporate jobs cold turkey to follow their creative dreams. Now, don't get me wrong, that is certainly ok, but it depends on how you do it and what your dream is. Is it to start your own business that you've dreamed of, or is it that you simply want to be creative and don't feel you can do that in your corporate job? There are definitely times when it is beneficial to quit and follow your passion. I have found the best of both worlds.
Early on in life I felt I had a creative side to me, but wasn't sure what that was. I sucked at drawing, creative writing, graphic design, interior design, photography, and many more creative outlets. However, I knew I had a creative bone in my body. I have always known I love people and business, and that's why I pursued a degree in Marketing. I'm so thankful I did, because I truly enjoy my career! However, there have been many times in the corporate world where I have felt my hands have been tied when it comes to creativity. When you follow hundreds of creatives on Instagram (many working for themselves), it can be hard to not get caught up in thinking "Why am I not doing something like that? Why am I not working for some awesome, cool, local start up that lets me channel my creativity? Why am I not my own boss?" I know why...because I earn a good wage, have a reliable paycheck, get great benefits, contribute to my 401K and feel secure in my career's future. I'm not 100% sure I would enjoy being my own boss. I know myself, and I would be a slave to my business (which it would be owning a crepe food truck or restaurant). It's definitely nice to be able to step away from my work at the end of the day, and I know I wouldn't be able to do that if I owned my own business. However, I do see the AMAZING benefits of owning your own business so Girl Bosses...more power to you!

My desire to be creative in a corporate world started when I was pursuing my MBA and working a pretty boring desk job. Because of that, I started this blog, and I can't believe I've been doing it for over 4 years. Through blogging, I have truly been able to pursue my creativity yet maintain a corporate job, and not feel the need to quit. Blogging has allowed me to become a better writer, photographer, stylist, designer, networker, DIYer, event planner and social media user.

To those who are sitting in a cubicle pondering how they can be creative, find your outlet. If you can't channel your creativity in your current role, find something where you can. Maybe that's a side project with other creatives in your city. For me that was starting the ATX Blogger Mixer. This event takes months of planning, but it is so fun and rewarding. I get to use my creative skills, and I feel fulfilled. Or maybe you want to become a full time photographer, and the right answer for you is to quit your day job. Well, go ahead, but I would advise to not do it cold turkey. Take on photography projects on the weekends, start a blog/website/facebook page, get clients and make sure you are good at it and you have a support group ; ). Some people may have the luxury to quit cold turkey and try to make it work, but many people don't have that opportunity. I've got bills to pay and children's mouths to feed, and could never quit my job without lots of planning and a back up plan (or maybe I should say I wouldn't). Another option if you like the security of your corporate job, is to find ways to utilize your creative skills in your company. Reach out to the advertising/art department, and ask to help with a project or create the graphics for your team's presentations. Maybe you want to do some creative writing in your role. Ask if you could contribute to your company's blog or newsletter if they have one. I understand it can be limited based on your company, but the more you want it the more likely you will find it.  For me I have a goal to become part of my company's social media team and I'm working on the development to one day join that team. I also utilize my company's educational resources to take as many social media/marketing webinars and classes so I can increase my skill set in those areas. 

If you are thinking about a career change a few good books to read are Jon Acuff's, "Quitter" and "Do Over". If you are like me and like the security of the corporate world, don't be ashamed! You can still be creative AND sit in a cubicle.

Are you currently experiencing this or have in the past?! I'd love to hear your experience.

LiveMom Contributor: How I Find Balance As a Mom


I've recently started contributing to LiveMom, a local blog for Mom's in the Austin area. Check out my recent post about how I find balance as a Mom, working professional, and blogger! In what ways do you try to find balance? Note the word "try", because I don't think life is every perfectly balanced.

Photo: Lindsey V Rivera Photography

27 Weeks {Twins}


Tee: Maternity Countdown Tee

How Far Along: 27 Weeks (this is a week late so I can give you a full update on my 27th week of pregnancy)

Babies Genders: Boy (Walton) AND Girl (Whitney)

Due Date: February 8, will deliver no later than January 25

Things to Note:
- Alex's co-workers through us a wonderful baby shower. We have a few items left on our baby registry, so we're putting any extra gift cards towards those....Twin Z Pillow, Baby Monitor (we never used one with Turner, but thinking we'll want one with two), Joovy Twin Roo Plus Frame Stroller, Baby Brezza Formula Food Maker and LOTS of diapers!

- Had my glucose test. I really don't understand why women complain about it so much, it's not that bad. I scheduled my appointment for 7am that way I wouldn't have to fast during the day. I chugged it, then got on my laptop and worked as the hour went by. I haven't gotten the results back yet.

- Had an amazing massage (half chair massage for my back, then laid down on the normal massage table with a big wedge behind my back & she massaged my legs/arms....heaven!)

Nursery: The nursery is complete...minus organizing the closet. See the final reveal photos HERE!

- I really felt heavy this week. My body just kind of hit a wall, and I was dragging. By the end of the day I didn't have much energy to play with Turner (the time change doesn't help).

- Tons of pressure down there...TMI, but constipation is my life these days.

Exercise: Body Pump x 2, Pure Barre x 1 - I honestly feel super strong and proud of myself when I'm lifting weights in my Body Pump class. When I look at my side profile in the mirror I think "Wow....look at that belly! Get it girl." Cue the not so pretty weight lifting face.

Clothing: All I want to wear are leggings, but I only have two shirts that cover my rear. I really don't want to buy any more maternity clothes, so I'm trying to wear a lot of my dresses. My favorite pair of maternity jeans have become uncomfortable : ( , because the waist has started to cut in to my belly. I also desperately need a new bra or two. Mine is so uncomfortable, so I tend to wear sports bras almost every day.

Cravings: Burgers, French Fries, Coke

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