A Day In The Life

Ever since I became a mom of three I don't think I've stopped saying "MY LIFE IS CRAZY!" Sometimes I am extremely tired, frustrated and stressed, and moments later I can be extremely happy. I am grateful for this life and the family I have, and I pray I never take it for granted. Here's a look in to a typical week day for my family of five!

31st Birthday Wish List

Yes, I'm 31 and still making birthday wish lists. They don't make adult TOYS"R"US magazines (wait...that sounds weird), so I resorted to searching all over the internet to create my wish list.

There are a lot of clothing items on this list mainly because I've been minimally shopping since January.

1.) Adidas Supergirl Track Suit ($140) - Watch the Lady Gaga documentary and you'll understand. I want all of my children to get them so we can take an epic photo ; ) #mombloggerprobs

2.) HydraFacial ($150) - hands down my FAVORITE facial. Literally sucks the dirt out of your face, and releases hydrating serum on to your face at the same time. I've had them at Milk + Honey Spa in Austin.

3.) Loft Mock Sweater ($20) - You know me. I have to have my stripes, and add them to a cute sweater that would look good front tucked and I'm happy!

4.) SkinCeuticals Serum ($165) - Serum of the Gods. This stuff is amazing but pricey!

5.) Faux Leather Spanx Leggings ($98) - I could see myself wearing these a ton this fall/winter. What shoes do you wear your non-work out leggings?

6.) Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette ($54) - I wear the same brown/cream eye shadow EVERY single day. Its this small duo compact from Clinique. I own one other compact for fancy occasions...y'all it's not fancy at all. My makeup is so simple and basic. I would like to start experimenting with my makeup. I feel like my face looks washed out every day.

7.) Leopard Jacket ($135) - This one is from Gap and is sadly sold out : (. I'm loving the statement and pattern of a faux fur leopard jacket.

8.) Metallic Block Heel Sandal ($50) - I have a very similar pair in red and I love them! I would love to have a metallic color to style with jeans and dresses for the fall/winter.

9.) Tomgirl Jeans ($38) - My ALL-TIME favorite pair of jeans! I sold my last pair on Poshmark because they were too big. I replaced them with a non-distressed pair, but now I miss the distressed look. I really just miss the comments from men saying "Did you buy those like that?" "You know you have holes in your jeans"?

I would also like to add to my list a vacation to Europe, an entire day of not having to pick up after my children, and 12 hours of sleep. Thanks for reading friends!

Before & After Botox

I had my first Botox treatment a little over year ago at Viva Day Spa and I had a great experience! Since then I have felt like I aged a ton so I decided my face needed a boost. Today I'm sharing before and after photos 3 weeks after treatment plus a look at why I get Botox.

October Small Goals

My FAVORITE month of the year is here! It's hard not to love your birthday month, but October was always such a fun month for me growing up. This may sound weird but I absolutely LOVED junior high and high school. I was very active in sports and school activities (voted Most Class Spirit) and October was such a big month for those events. Football season, pep rallies, red ribbon week, volleyball season, homecoming, Halloween, my birthday and tons of friend's birthdays. Every year October is JAM packed with activities and I love it. I will be traveling to Dallas two weekends out of the four this month.

Little Bo Peep & Her Sheep | Halloween Costume

The last costume of my three part Halloween costume series with Walt and Whitey is Little Bo Peep & Her Sheep! Check out today's post for sources to these adorable costumes!

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Simple Decorating Tips for Fall

There's no doubt fall is my favorite time of year. Halloween, cooler temperatures, Thanksgiving, football, pumpkins and birthdays for myself, friends and family. As I transition my wardrobe from summer to fall I also transition my home decor.

Today I've partnered with Wayfair to share simple ways I decorate for fall that won't break the bank!

How To Take Better Blog Photos

When I first started my blog over 6 years ago I bought a Nikon DSLR camera for about $700, but I never learned how to use it. I ended up selling it and then using my iPhone for a few years. About a year ago my blog reached the point where I needed high quality photos for each collaboration, and I couldn't afford to work with photographers for every post.

I bit the bullet and bought another DSLR Camera (Canon 80D), and vowed to learn how to use it. Since then my photos have improved significantly, and today I'm sharing with you  my tips of how you can up your photography game!

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*The photos in this post were shot on my iPhone 8 plus because my camera was being used during the class.*