Gingham Style


I saw this dress from Clad & Cloth last year, and it was sold out for what seemed like forever. Thankfully a friend of mine in Austin messaged me and said she'd be willing to sell me hers that she never wore. I said YES, and when I tried it on it was everything I imagined. If you order definitely size up (I'm wearing a medium).

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ATX Blogger Mixer at Raven + Lily


Last week I hosted my 7th ATX Blogger Mixer! I can't believe I've been planning these for almost 3 years. I had a wonderful co-host, Anita, who blogs at Fearless Captivations help me with the event. We hosted the mixer at Raven + Lily's newest location at Rock Rose at the Domain. The space is absolutely stunning, and we were lucky enough to have their CEO & Founder, Kirsten Dickerson, guest speak.

Kirsten inspired us all with her wisdom and passion for empowering women. There wasn't a dry eye in the room after hearing her stories about working with and helping women around the world.

Denim Culottes


I first saw denim culottes on blogger Valerie Dittner and fell in LOVE! I knew they had to be mine, but I was not about to pay an arm and a leg. I searched online and found these culottes from Macy's for less than $50. I ran to Macy's immediately and they were everything I imagined. BEST part is they are currently on sale for $26.99!

Mo-Ranch Family Vacation

I have the fondest memories of vacationing with my family at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, TX. Growing up I looked forward to it every summer, and now as a parent I am beyond excited to continue the tradition with my family. Mo-Ranch is a Presbyterian Encampment so there are many Presbyterian camps and conferences throughout the year, but is open to the public to stay.

Mo-Ranch Texas Family Vacation, Texas Summer Vacation, Guadalupe River

Swing Tee + Denim


I recently found this swing tee from Old Navy and have been wearing it non stop! It's been triple digits almost every day here in Austin, so a loose tee is a must. I rolled out of bed and put this outfit together...loose boyfriend jeans, neutral tee, flip flops and a straw hat to cover up my bed head.

Walt & Whitney - 6 Months


SIX MONTHS! We've made it halfway, hallelujah! Time has not flown's slooowwwlllyyy krept by BUT we are happy, alive and grateful. 

Life lately: 
  • Sleep deprivation is still a very real struggle due to Walt waking up at least twice a night.
  • We started buying diapers and formula this month and WHOA! Talk about a budget buster. Our new phrase might be, "Put it on the credit card."... kidding and kind of not kidding.
  • Work and planning my local blogger event has kept me VERY busy, and by Tuesday of every week I feel like it should be Friday. Most nights I don't get to bed till around 11pm, and I'm passed out in less than a minute. 
  • I'm so excited to have 6 month photos of the babies taken by my good friend and Austin photographer, Laura Morsman, next weekend!
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Kids Style: My Second Hand Secret


As a lover of fashion, I also enjoy dressing up my kiddos. I've learned over the past few years that buying second hand is a game changer when it comes to my budget. I've been able to buy and sell clothes using thredUP and it has saved me a ton! When I go shopping on their site, I choose my favorite brands to search through...usually Gap, Old Navy, Mini Boden and Carter's. Everything I've ever ordered has been super high quality, so I know I'm getting a great deal.

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