This Is Us

Our current ages - 31, 30, 5, 2 and 2. What an exciting time in our lives! I think I've been saying life is CRAZY for about two and a half years now. Basically the day Walt and Whitney were born was the day our lives changed for the better and busier. I'm thankful my friend, Jessica Rockowitz, was able to capture this stage of our lives.

Birthday Wish List

I'll be turning 32 on October 24! Where my October babies at?! I'm thankful for another year of life and an excuse to treat myself ; ).  Today I'm sharing what's on my wish list and a simple outfit you can wear to work our out...just add a blazer!

How To Ace Your Interview

I've interviewed over 100 times since I graduated college in 2010. Based on that number you might think I'm terrible at interviews, but to be honest I'm pretty good at them. I can attribute most of that to my extrovert personality, but I have learned a lot about how to prepare and ace your interview!

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October Small Goals

I have written monthly small goals almost every month for the past two years, but a few months ago  I paused my goals due to the interview and hiring process I was going through. All of my time and energy was going towards landing a new job, and I couldn't write about it online. I'm excited to finally get back above water and start writing down my goals again. They keep me focused and help me to challenge myself which I think is important for everyone. Never stop learning and challenging yourself!

How I Work Full-Time and Blog

I get asked often, "How do you have time to work full-time, raise kids and blog?" Today I'm sharing my answer and some tips on how you can have a fun side-hustle while still pursuing your career! 

Money Saving Tips for New Parents

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When Alex and I found out we were having twins our world was rocked! I instantly thought about how I would breastfeed two babies, and Alex immediately thought about the financial impact. I lasted 4 days breastfeeding, but not surprisingly the financial impact is still something we deal with. I've partnered with Signature Care Diapers to share a few money saving tips that have helped us the past few years.

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30 Day Optimism Challenge Recap

This post is sponsored by Frost Bank, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Challenge complete! Today I'm sharing a recap of Frost Bank's 30 Day Optimism Challenge I participated in including my favorite challenges and what I've learned the past month!