Money Q&A

A month ago I received an email newsletter from Marriage 365 (subscribe ASAP) and it laid out important financial questions to ask your spouse. I took some questions from there and added in a few of my own for today's Money Q&A. It's an interview style, where I ask Alex at the question, and then he asks me the same. Alex and I were both business majors at Hardin-Simmons University, but he's definitely the numbers guy. 

Renovate or Sell? Why We Bought a New Home

When we bought our first home in 2013 we thought it would be our forever home. We planned on renovating once we were in a better place financially, but 6 years later we found ourselves struggling with the decision to renovate or sell. Today I'm partnering with Homes.com to share our journey and ultimately why buying a new home was right for us.

Current Weeknight Routine

This post is sponsored by Ling Ling Asian Kitchen.

I'm not going to sugar coat it...nights are nuts in our home of 5. Two full-time working parents and three young rambunctious kiddos make every night interesting : ). Today I'm going to share a few things we have implemented that have made a huge difference in our nighttime routine as well as one on our favorite quick meals from Ling Ling.