What Type of Sports Mom Will I Be?

I grew up playing sports, and absolutely loved it. They helped shape me into the person I am today. I wonder if my children will find a sport they enjoy, and I also wonder what type of sports mom I will be. Today I'm sharing about my fears and hopes of my children playing sports and the parent I hope to be.

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Our Future Kitchen Renovation

I'm excited to share with you details of our future kitchen renovation! Big things are going to happen to our home, and I'm looking forward to taking you on our major home renovation journey. I've partnered with Frost Bank to share this process and what financial steps we're going to take.


Last Friday I had the pleasure of hosting a Girl's Night Out at Pure Barre Round Rock! Working out might be unconventional for a night out, but in my eyes it was perfect. Read more about our night and all the goodies involved.

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5 Ways to Have an Enjoyable & Productive Morning | Sponsored by Tom's of Maine

Thank you Tom's of Maine for sponsoring this post!

I've always been a morning person. I wake up happy and most mornings I'm singing to my kids. I also don't drink coffee...GASP! If you are a parent you know how chaotic mornings can be. Most mornings as a working mom feel like a fire drill. Get yourself ready, get your kids ready, feed them, load the car up and hope that you don't forget something. You've probably forgotten to feed yourself or go to the bathroom. You probably forgot to put on mascara, have a stain on your shirt from your children, and if you're lucky no one is crying or complaining. Over the past five years I've learned how to have a more enjoyable and productive morning, and today I've partnered with Tom's of Maine to share my tips with you!

Family Christmas Traditions

It's finally cooling down in Texas and Thanksgiving and Christmas are on my mind! Today I'm partnering with Gymboree to share my favorite family Christmas traditions and some adorable winter outfits.

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November Small Goals

I'm sad to see my favorite month go. October always goes by SO quickly, especially with only 4 weekends. My family traveled to Dallas to twice and hosted three parties. I'm over parties! I hope to slow down a bit in November as I prepare for December. Check out what I accomplished in October and what I have planned for this month!


I'm celebrating 31 years of life today! I'm extremely grateful for my health, family and friends. Last year on my 30th birthday my Dad didn't call me, and I was pretty upset. He texted me a couple of days later and apologized, which I forgave him of course. I told him no matter how old I am I always want to talk to my parents on my birthday. I so wish I could celebrate one more year of life with him. His passing has made me very congnicent of our limited time here on earth. Spend as much time with the ones you love, and don't live in fear.

In today's post I'm sharing 31 facts about me!