4th ATX Blogger Mixer


Erica and I have been working hard to bring you the 4th ATX Blogger Mixer! The event will be held on Thursday, August 6 at Austin's luxury boutique FOUND from 6-8pm! Enjoy complimentary appetizers, sweets by Simon Lee Bakery, and cocktails by Austin Cocktails. We're excited to have the talented Kelly Wynne, owner of Kelly Wynne Handbags, as our guest speaker. We'll have some amazing giveaways from Mirror Mirror SalonBeaded by W, Melissa Glynn Photography and a Kelly Wynne Handbag! The event is free, please RSVP here!

During the planning stages of our mixers, there are definitely times when Erica and I become very weary and a bit over it, BUT we remember how fun the previous event was and know it will all be worth it! We love the feedback we get from bloggers when they tell us how much they loved the mixer, and how they formed true relationships with other bloggers. It's fun to have a night out with friends that really "get" you and blogging. They understand your creative mind, and many inspire you to be more creative and tap in to the big ideas and dreams that you've been putting off. We've had many women attend our mixers that don't even have a blog, but are inspired to start one and they just want to ask questions and be inspired.  I give those ladies a pat on the back for having the courage to show up. It can be pretty intimidating in a room full of bloggers, some very big and some not, but that's ok! 

If you are in Austin, and want a fun night out with some of the most creative, inspiring, and entrepreneur minded women in the city...please join us! I promise you will be welcomed by a room of friendly faces. Check out #ATXBloggerMixer for previous event photos. 

I'm Pregnant....with TWINS!

No, I'm not joking. I thought the doctor was joking when she told me as well, but it's true. I am really having TWINS, and they are due February 8!  We wanted to remember this moment forever, so I'm thankful Austin photographer Lindsey Rivera was able to capture this exciting time in our lives. Turner is so cute in these photos, but he has no idea how crazy his world is about to get.

twins, baby announcement, pregnancy announcement, lindsey Rivera Photography

twin announcement, austin photographer, pregnancy announcement, maternity photography

twins announcement, maternity photography, pregnancy, austin photographer
Trying to show on his fingers how many babies are in my tummy ; )
twins announcement, maternity photography, austin photography, pregnancy

I'll share the crazy story of how we found out and our reactions in an upcoming post!

DIY Guest Bathroom - Featured on Better Homes and Gardens


I was pleasantly surprised to see my renovated guest bathroom on Better Homes and Gardens website this week! Every day I walk in to the bathroom, I get a such a sense of gratification. And now seeing it on home decor websites is just a cherry on top. Hard work pays off! See the before and after photos here.

4 Reasons We Decided to Buy a Minivan


Well, we bought a van.  I NEVER thought I would say those words, but you know...you grow up and life gets real. Our van is definitely not the prettiest or coolest vehicle in the neighborhood, but hey it's a blessing to be able to even have a car. We experienced not having a single car for one day and it was a nightmare.

2007 Toyota Sienna
Below are 4 reasons we decided to buy a van.

1.) Budget
  • We have never had a car payment during our marriage of 5 years, so in our car search we wanted an affordable vehicle that we could pay cash for. Unfortunately, we hadn't been saving for a car, so we only had the $6,000 we received from our insurance company for the value of Alex's camry. We are Dave Ramsey fans and had been living debt free, but this time around we did get a small loan. We're hoping to pay it off by the end of the year.
  • Most people would buy an SUV or wagon if they needed a larger vehicle, but if you are really comparing prices, vans are much cheaper. Yes, I would love to drive an SUV over a boring minivan, but sacrificing looking cool for peace of mind is completely worth it. 
2.) Growing Family
  • We would like to add to our family very soon and space is a must. We take lots of trips to visit family (4 hours north for my in-laws, 2 hours south for my family), and a van is perfect for road trips! The van has a DVD player with 2 headsets which is one of my favorite features.
  • Right after we purchased the vehicle and were about to drive it off the loft, I noticed Turner had a dirty diaper. Cue the giant trunk. I laid him in the back and had a perfect place to lay him out and change his diaper. It felt like such a luxury compared to changing his diaper in the front seat of our car. 
3.) My husband is huge and needs leg space
  • Alex is very tall, and can't drive comfortably with a car seat behind his seat. This isn't the reason we bought a van, but it was the reason we crossed sedans off the list of potential vehicles.
4.) We have a woodworking business & I love thrifting furniture
  • We run a small woodworking business, BuiltWell, and make lots of trips to Lowe's & Home Depot for wood. Thankfully up until this point, our gracious neighbors have let us borrow their truck. Alex's dream is to own a truck, but a 4 door truck just wasn't in our budget at this time. A van was the next best thing that had large trunk space and seats that folded down.
  • I am ecstatic that I can FINALLY pick up those random pieces of furniture I see on the side of the road! Alex on the other hand, not so excited.

There you have it! Now, I totally get it if you aren't a minivan fan. It's not for everyone, but it is just what our family needed at moment in our lives.

Do you own a minivan? Are you for them or against them?

#JesseCoulter - No.12


Guys! I learned how to curl my hair, and now it will officially take me 30 minutes longer to get ready. I have been spoiled with curly hair that dries pretty good naturally, so the process of blow drying, straightening AND then curling feels like FOREVER. But it makes me feel super fancy!

Jumpsuit: Calvin Klein via Ross ($15). 
Cover-up: Target. Sandals: Old Navy. Sunglasses: Forever 21. Hat: Aerie (Only $10 right now)
Shorts: DIY (Men's Levi's 501's via Goodwill). Shirt: Gap. Sandals: Old Navy. Hat: Stetson via Dillards

Check out more of my style on Instagram!

Before and After: Twin Bed Frame


This weekend I did something I've never done before. I chose a bold paint color! I usually stay safe and always choose neutrals when it comes to my home decor and especially wall paint.  I had this old bed frame lying around and thought I would paint it for fun, maybe for Turner's future big boy room.  I have been seeing a lot of green lately, so I finally decided to take the plunge since it wouldn't kill me if I hated the color.

I went super kelly green, and chose Behr's Luck of The Irish paint. 

What do you think? Do you incorporating bold colors in to your home?



I'm finally getting used to wearing a hat....kind of. I'm not used to seeing myself in hats so it's weird.  Do you wear hats? I definitely think people should wear them more often. Perfect for bad hair days and good for keeping the sun off your face.

What are your plans this weekend? Tonight I'm heading to a friends apartment to hang out by the pool with the family. Saturday, I'm hitting up BodyPump super early, heading to the Personify Austin blogger brunch downtown, and then working on some home projects the rest of the weekend. I'll also be taking over HomeRight's Instagram for the weekend, so follow along for some paint tips, DIY projects and decor inspiration.

My fav ASOS peplum tee is from last season, and unfortunately isn't being sold anymore, but I've linked a few similar peplum tees below. 

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