Love vs. Fear Based Thinking & How It Helped Me After Being Laid Off

Months before I was laid off from my job I started doing coaching sessions with a therapist. Instead of it being structured like a traditional therapy program (past focused) it focused on the future. Felt more like life/career coaching. I met with my coach every other week for 3 months, and during that time we spent a lot of time discussing fear vs. love based thinking. It was a game changer for me, and I wanted to share the golden nuggets from what I learned in hopes it could help someone else!

What Is a Personal Color Analysis?

Personal color analyses are growing in popularity and I 100% understand why! It was an amazing experience and today I'm giving you a detailed look at the process, what you receive and pricing. 

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Family Ski Trip | Guide to Red Lodge, Montana

If you are contemplating a trip to Montana this is your sign to go! We took a 5 day family ski trip to Red Lodge, Montana and this blog shares everything you need to know about Red Lodge mountain, lodging, activities and dining! 

This trip was hosted by Yellowstone Country but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Missed Conversations

My dad passed away 6 years ago today. It's a day I don't like to think about, but as it gets closer I inevitably get emotional. 

Harry's House

Because my blog has basically become my diary the past 11 years I had to make a permanent spot for Harry. Let me explain my obsession...

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How to Not Lose Yourself In Motherhood

As a mother I know how easy it can be to be consumed by raising children and lose ourselves in the process. I've learned over the years we need to first love ourselves in order to to be the best mother to our children. We need to spend time doing the things that bring us fulfillment. Early on in motherhood I made a conscious effort to focus on myself outside of being a mom. Today I'm sharing those practices that have helped over the years! 

*I'm writing this post as a mom who has an active spouse. I want to acknowledge the single mothers out there that might not have the same opportunities I do, and tell you that you are a freaking SUPER HERO!*