Red River, New Mexico Travel Guide - Winter Edition


My family took our first ski trip to Red River, New Mexico in early December and we loved it! We drove through the night from Austin and it took 12 hours. I highly recommend traveling at night if you have young kiddos.

Check out my full Winter travel guide to Red River below of where to stay, what to do and where to eat!

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Walt & Whitney's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot + Cake Smash


Walt & Whitney will officially be turning ONE in one week - January, 14! It's hard not to want to capture every major moment of these babies lives because 1.) they are twins 2.) they are my last babies. Check out their 1st birthday photos below + details of the shoot.

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Christmas Decor Storage Tips


My least favorite part of the year is here. Packing up Christmas decorations : ( . People wonder why I put up my tree in November, so the effort I took in putting it all up and taking it all down is worth it! Plus who doesn't like looking at twinkling lights?

Below I'm sharing how I pack up my holiday d├ęcor and make it an easier process!

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Photo by Brooke Taelor

2016 Recap


This year started out wonderful with the birth of Walt and Whitney and ended horribly with the passing of my Dad. Sorry to be a downer, but it's the truth. 2017 will be a tough year as my family and I experience a year of firsts without my Dad but we're strong and will get through it together. I pray 2017 is a year of spiritual growth, memorable experiences, and lots of love.

Here's a positive recap of 2016:

Walt & Whitney - 11 months


One more month and my last babies will be one year old! As I see them grow in to toddlers, I am making more of an effort to be present and aware of the baby stage. Smell their baby skin, kiss their soft cheeks and bald heads and soak up their baby giggles.

Life lately:
  • I am dragging my feet in planning their birthday party for a couple of reasons. 1.) My life is INSANELY busy right now. 2.) Every time I start to plan in my head I get completely overwhelmed with all the things I want to do and shut down. Planning a birthday during Christmas is not fun. There are days when I think about going ALL out, and then other days when I think they'll be lucky if they get a cake.
  • Last week Whitney and I took a quick overnight trip down south to visit my parents. When we got home Alex said "Do you want to see what the boys and I did this weekend?" He proceeded to show me pics of them at Catch Air (an indoor play park), which he took them to on Saturday night. Then Sunday he took them to breakfast, grocery shopping at HEB, and then to a kid's birthday at Mt. Playmore (another indoor play place). I couldn't believe it. Alex said they all had a great time, but he was definitely tired.
  • I totaled my van (which I had bought a year 1/2 ago after totaling my last car, and replaced the transmission 6 months ago for $5,000 because we thought we would drive it forever...UGH!!!). All three kids were with me which was very scary, but thankfully everyone was OK. We bit the bullet and bought a new Toyota Sienna and I'm in LOVE! 

My Christmas Wish List - 2016


I know, I've seen a hundred gift guides. This is not a gift guide, this is what I genuinely want for Christmas ; ). I've learned over the years wish lists are KEY to not being disappointed on Christmas morning.  Alex and I will usually set an amount around $100 to spend on each other, and he doesn't stray from my list.  Are you specific with gifts you want or are you less picky?

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Here are a few a few things I would love to have wrapped under my tree this year!

1. James Avery Script Initial Ring - I tried these sterling silver rings on during Black Friday and fell in LOVE! I've wanted some piece of jewelry to symbolize my kids, and these aren't corny and look adorable stacked together. $50 per ring isn't crazy either! James Avery Jewelry, headquartered in Texas, has been a brand I've worn since I was a child. I can't wait to buy Whitney her first charm bracelet.

2.) Zeel Massage on Demand - Zeel massage delivers spa-quality massages to your home, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 7am-10:30pm. I would love their spa package which includes a plush robe, massage table sheet set, relaxing sage candle, a bottle of Frangipanie Oil by Elemis and a 60 min. massage. Put the kids to bed and have a massage in my own home...yes please! They offer Swedish, chair, sports, deep tissue, prenatal and couple massages.

3.) Sunfern Studio Joanna Necklace - I recently discovered Austin based Sunfern Studio on Instagram and immediately became obsessed! This necklace would bring so much life to my simple/neutral outfits.

4.) Sticky9 Magnets - If you've been in my house you've seen my refrigerator door covered in Sticky9 magnets. I would love to cover my ENTIRE fridge in them. I desperately need to add photos of the babies, since the last time I printed magnets was before I was even pregnant with them. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen feeding kids and cleaning, and these magnets bring me so much joy and add lots of color and life to my kitchen. You can choose Instagram photos or any photo from your computer/phone to print. They come in sheets of 9 magnets.

5.) Cleaning Service - If I could have someone come to my house once a month to deep clean, I would be in heaven. Seriously though....this might be the most boring but best gift of all time to a busy mom!

6.) Sunfern Studio Lori Necklace - What do I really need to say. I love everything about this necklace! Maria Soltera handmakes each one of these and her work is beautiful.

7.) J.Crew / Carl Estime Glitter Boots - Ok, this is an extravagant want but it's fun dreaming. Honestly I would never spend $400 on boots unless I could wear them with everything.

8.) Lush Bath Bomb Gift Set - I recently discovered Lush at their new store front in the Domain and would love to try out their popular bath bombs. I'm kind of over ninja turtle bubble bath.

There you have it! My 2016 Christmas wish list covers things from fashion to relaxation to practicality. What's on your wish list this year? I would love to know!



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