Texas Style Council Recap


I thought about just posting pictures from the Texas Style Council Conference this past weekend, but that doesn't do it justice. If you're interested in what a blogger conference is like or you just want to hear about my adventure then stick with me through this post! 

The theme of this year's conference was CAMP - Creating A Meaningful Presence. It was held at Camp Texlake in Spicewood, which is where the Girl Scouts camps are hosted. Indiana and her team did an awesome job with the decor and choosing the perfect sponsors.  I think one of my favorite parts were the merit badges. Each activity had a merit badge associated with it. 

Day 1:

The first night was kicked off with a Keynote by Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess (love her honesty and bluntness), afterwards we headed to a Create + Connect Mixer for arts and crafts! I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Savannah and Jenny of Maidae, and I won a beautiful 8x10 print. Part of my volunteer job was to run the TXSC Twitter account...check it out here for some fun photos and inspirational quotes from the speakers.

Shalyn brought her famous hedgehogs to camp! Just search #hattiethehedgehog on Instagram for some hilarious photos!

Love spending time with Jess Lively #twinsies

DAY 2:

My day started with pouring rain (saved by my $12 Walmart rain boots), breakfast and an inspirational keynote by TOMS director of global customer engagement and community, Bethany Joy Clark. Prior to the keynote, I was sitting next to Bethany during breakfast, and we began chatting. I told her about how I was in the final round of getting a TOMS internship in college, but ultimately didn't get it. She was sincerely appreciative of the work I did for TOMS (throwing an event for #OneDayWithoutShoes at my college and job). She told me that she had brought one pair of sunglasses for a non-speaker, and proceeded to hand me that pair.  It was seriously the sweetest moment. Bethany then got on stage....began to speak words of wisdom, truth, encouragement...and we all cried. Seriously. Then she turned in to Oprah and surprised everyone with a  TOMS backpack.

The wonderful Bethany Joy Clark

I then had a full day of listening and learning from more amazing women.
Carli (Inked Fingers) & Tieka (Selective Potential) discussed vulnerability
Cyndi Spiegel, Marisa (New Dress a Day, and Kelly (Design Crush) discuss business and practical steps moving forward with blogging.
Keynote - Jess Lively & Caroline Joy Casey spoke about lessons learned from blogging and how they've simplified and refocused their lives (online and off).
After dinner, we headed back to our cabins to prepare for the Camp Jamboree! I wore my EShakti skirt and kept it casual with a v-neck tee. I met some amazing brands, crafted a necklace, ate too many cupcakes from Hey Cupcake!, and spent some time on the dance floor! 

My cedar cabin for the weekend #ElmCabin
Spent some quality time talking about motherhood with Linda who brought her precious 7 month old. What a brave Mom!

I also spent some quality time with my German friend, Susie. We met that morning, and felt like we had become best friends when Susie told me she came all the way from Munich.  "Wundebar" I shouted! I've always been pretty apprehensive to speak German (the fear of it not being perfect), but Susie really encouraged me and I was surprised of how much I actually remembered. 

Day 3: 

The last and final day included a Keynote by Sophia Rivka Rossi (Zooey Deschanel's BFF), author and co-founder of Hello Giggles, lots of girl scout cookies, and many sad goodbyes. 

Our beautiful lake view
Our last activity was an emotional and powerful one. We lined up (soul train style), and each woman walked down the row, while the women on the side whispered encouraging words about that particular woman walking through.

After camp was over, I stuck around to help clean up since I was a volunteer. After our hard work, all of the volunteers headed down the road to Bacon Bar...yes, you read that right! EVERYTHING had bacon in it...well almost everything.  I ordered a Mexican Martini and scarfed down the bacon queso. I got to spend some quality time with Indiana and the other lovely volunteers that I didn't get a chance to hang out with during the hustle and bustle of the conference. I arrived home at 8pm to a happy boy that was ecstatic I brought him girl scout cookies and pillows.

Have you attended a blogger conference before? If so, what's your favorite part?

#JesseCoulter - No. 6


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WORK - Pullover/Tee/Khakis/Shoes: Gap (#gapfangirl)
WORK - Tee: Forever 21. Jeans: Old Navy (Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny). Shoes: Gap
TO JIMMY KIMMEL - Kimono: Langord Market. Tee: Nordstrom Rack. Jeans: Gap. Shoes: TJ Maxx

New Tradition: Family Yearbook


I have been thinking a lot lately about how I want to print photos and preserve memories. I'm not in to scrapbooking, and I have photo albums with printed photos that are falling apart.  A photo book was the perfect solution.  I decided to start a tradition of creating a family yearbook at the end of each year, and hope to see them line our bookshelves full of memories over the years. 

I used Shutterfly, and chose a 12x12 book with 29 pages.  I chose a very plain white layout, uploaded my photos, and got to work.  I added text to most pages, describing the event/memory. One of my favorite pages was titled "Turnerisms", and I wrote out all the funny and cute things Turner has said over the past year.  Other pages included;

I'm in love with our 2014 Family Yearbook, and will cherish it forever. Turner is obsessed, and our family and friends love looking through it. We naturally forget all that happens in the span of a year, so a book like this really captures how wonderful the year was and all that was accomplished. 

Fun Filled Dreary Weekend


We had a rainy yet enjoyable weekend around here.  I really dread weekends when the forecast shows rain and super low temperatures, but we made the best of it.

I got to spend a couple of hours to myself at the outlet mall as I picked up a gift for a friend. I've got vacation on my mind, so I did some window shopping in preparation of finding the best deals.  PacSun blew me out of the water with some of their apparel. The bathing suit below was only $45 total, and was pretty flattering. They also had tons of sunglasses for $15. I've been wanting a pair of ray-bans, but didn't want to fork up $120.  I'm so happy I found an affordable alternative (I took a pic so I'll remember to go back)!

I drove down to south Austin for my first Barre3 class. It was free so I had to try it! I absolutely loved it, even though I was shaking the entire time, and I'm extremely sore now.  I would sign up to be a member in a heartbeat if they had a location in my area. Afterwards, I was feeling fancy so I grabbed a mocha at Bee Cave Coffee. I spent the next 30 minutes jamming out on my way home (dang you hands free law...I miss chatting with family while I drive).

At lunchtime, Alex, Turner and I went to check out a new model home grand opening not too far from our house. We really went for the free $20 Target gift card, but we were amazed by the beautiful homes. It made us second guess our fixer upper. Our dreams were then crushed when we found out the price tag for the home (almost $500,000). Back to reality we went. We would much rather have a smaller home, living debt free than being house poor. Afterwards, we checked out a nearby nursery, and I wanted to buy everything!

We also started our latest project, re-staining our bed frame.  Alex spent quite a few hours in the garage sanding down every piece, and Sunday we picked out a dark brown stain. I have to say, we have thoroughly enjoyed our bed being on the floor. Turner is in heaven, it's like his own little trampoline/playground. Later that night we headed to our good friend's house for dinner. They have been renovating their home for months now, and their newly renovated kitchen blew me away! I would love replace our cabinets, but not sure if we really want to put that much money in to it.


We were up by 7:30am (felt like 6:30), grabbed some Round Rock donuts and headed to a friend's for breakfast. We came home, finished House of Cards Season 3 (Go Claire!), and Turner decided to take a 3 1/2 hour nap. Thank the Lord! Daylight savings really threw us for a loop. We all didn't wake up from napping till 5:30. We then headed to Home Depot for some more stain options, and dined at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants (nasty rainy weather calls for Hot & Sour soup). We came home and all 3 of us wrestled on our mattress for hours...haha. It was a really great weekend, and I'm sad to see it go.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?!

Decorating a Cubicle


Sitting in a cubicle with absolutely no windows in site is not ideal (I sometimes dream of being a landscaper for a living), but it pays the bills and atleast I am blessed to have a job and a quiet place to work. I spend 8 hours of my day at my desk, so I might as well make it feel a bit like home.  

Below are a few snapshots of my cube and how I've decorated. I like to have LOTS of family photos around to keep me motivated. When decorating your desk or cubicle, I would stick with a common theme or color palette to make it easier. I chose gold, black and white based off of the photo frames I already owned. I am also obsessed with free printables, and they truly brighten my mood when I look at them (think Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, etc.). During the holidays I usually have a lot more decorations including at least one or two garlands hanging.

(left to right: clockwise)

1. Globe: Target, Gold Frame: Target
2. Magnets: Target, Photo Frames: very old, can't recall where I bought them
3. Be Kind & Work Hard Print: Elm & Gray FREE here, Lamp: Target
4. Gold Tray: Target, Clear Organizer: Target, Black & White Frame: Homegoods

P.S. They just opened a Homegoods 2 minutes from my office. I'm in trouble.

Do you work in a cubicle? Have you decorated your desk?



All I have to say is...MAKE UP YOUR MIND TEXAS WEATHER! 

Sweater: Forever 21. Scarf: ASOS. Jeans: Gap. Boots: Kork-Ease
Dress: Langford Market. Jacket: Nordstrom. Boots: Nine West.
Top: Forever 21. Scarf: Luxe 7 Boutique. Jeans: Banana Republic. Shoes: Gianni Bini
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