How To Not Overspend During the Holidays

I'm a sucker for holiday shopping. I want ALL the things, and I want to buy my friends and family ALL the things! This year I've decided to put my foot down when it comes to overspending, and I'm sharing my tips on how to do it!

How To Prioritize Exercise As a Busy Mom

Whether you like to exercise or not, it's something we all MUST do. You may read that and cringe a bit, but our bodies need it. If we want to stay strong and healthy for our children and grandchildren we need to spend time building strength and conditioning our hearts. I grew up playing sports, and have always loved aerobics. As I've grown older it's become harder to find the time to dedicate to exercising, especially as a mom.

I've partnered with Austin based, SPIbelt, to share my tips on how to prioritize exercise as a busy mom! I believe this is an important message for all mothers.

My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

My morning commute takes 25-45 minutes depending on the day so having podcasts on hand makes the drive so much more enjoyable. If you don't have a commute, listening during a workout, chores around the house, or traveling is a great time to listen! Today I'm sharing my current favorite podcasts. This list is always growing!

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How To Make Mom Friends

Are you the first to have kids out of all your friends? Did you recently move to a new city with your kiddos and know no one? Are you new to parenting and need to build community? Are you losing your mind with your toddler and need someone to vent to? I've been there! 

Today I'm partnering with Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. to share my tips on how to make mom friends including where to find them and how to build the relationship and maintain it.   

Takeaways from the Texas Conference For Women

This was my third year to attend the Texas Conference for Women and as always it didn't disappoint! It's like going to camp surrounded by 7,500 women in business who are fired up about working on their career and making a difference! Today I'm sharing some key takeaways from the sessions I attended.

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5 Reasons to Bring Your Kids to Altitude Trampoline Park

My family recently took a tour of the brand new Altitude Trampoline Park in Round Rock, and I'm excited to share why you and your kids are going to LOVE it!

 This post is sponsored by Altitude Trampoline Park but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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November Small Goals

And just like that it feels like Christmas! I know, I know...don't rush Christmas, but y'all I'm not big in to Thanksgiving. I mean who is really? I don't like cranberries, candied sweet potatoes, turkey, pie, most gravy, and I don't care about football. So basically I eat bread and macaroni on Thanksgiving. If I'm lucky I'll get tamales as an option, which I'm ALL about!

October was a fun month with lots of exciting things happening! It rained most of the month and drove me crazy, but I think we're on the other end of it now. Today I'm sharing how I did with my October goals and what I have planned for November!