Summer Fun + Swim Safety

Last Winter Turner asked if he could go swimming to which I replied, "Sorry, we have to wait till it's Summer." He asked me over 50 times since that day if it was Summer yet. After months of waiting we've finally hit the pool full force with swim lessons at Ready Go Swim!

As a parent of three young kiddos that can't swim, drowning is a VERY big fear of mine.

Seattle In A Day | Travel Guide

A few weeks ago I took a 3 day work trip to Seattle and Portland. My mom joined me which was super fun, because we've both never been. The weather was cold in the morning and quickly heated up throughout the day. I learned layering is key!

We spent all day Sunday exploring Seattle before we left the next afternoon for Portland. Check out what we did, where we stayed and most importantly what we ate!

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Joy and Sorrow

Over the past couple of months I've found myself crying less often about my Dad's passing. He's been gone six months. When I have a dry eye for a few days in a row, I have this odd feeling. Does it hurt less? Am I forgetting him? I almost feel guilty I'm not crying.

Then it hits me. It could be sparked by anything, but the tears start. I don't hold back when I need to cry unless I'm around a lot of people. I cry in my office, in my car, in the bathroom, in the shower, and sometimes in front of my children.

Mommy + Me Photo Session

A few months ago Laura Morsman worked her magic and snapped ALL of these photos in less than 15 minutes for a Mother's Day session. I will never have too many photos of my children!

The Perfect Vacation Swimsuit

I couldn't have found a better swimsuit for our vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico than this amazing two piece! The pattern reminds me of a Mexican blanket, and I love it.

Check out more photos + a direct link to this swimsuit and more festive options!

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