Motherhood During a Pandemic

I've been thinking a lot about the mothers during this pandemic. Particularly the single mothers that are parenting alone. Mothers naturally stress about their kids more than fathers. Nurturing is within us, and we care so much about our children. Not that men don't care, but it's different. My husband is an amazing father, but many things simply don't cross his mind that cross mind. I could list all the things I think about and do for my kids, but moms...you know, you get it. And with this pandemic every emotion and stressor is heightened. 

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Family Vacation at Cinnamon Shore

If you aren't familiar with Port Aransas (aka Port A), it's 4 hours south of Austin along the Gulf of Mexico. Texas doesn't have many beach towns, but this is one of my favorites. It has done an amazing job of rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, which effected 100% of businesses. The beach stretches for miles and there are cute souvenir shops, delicious seafood restaurants, great nightlife and fun activities for kids and adults🏝! 

I've visited Port Aransas dozens of times, but this was my first time staying at the Cinnamon Shore resort. I was blown away with the details of this beautiful property and how perfect it is for a family vacation! Come along as I share a look inside the resort including condo and house rentals, on-site restaurants, and family-friendly activities.   

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Round Rock,TX Staycation

My husband and I lived in Round Rock for seven years and while Austin has some amazing spots, Round Rock is just as fun for a memorable staycation. From local restaurants, to scenic views to a lively nightlife, Round Rock has all you need for a memorable weekend. If you have 24-48 hours here’s a fun way to live it up in this great city! 

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