My husband and I are traveling to New York this weekend to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary! Our anniversary was actually in May, but we planned our trip around the Saratoga Springs Horse Races. Big hats and mint julips here we come.  We'll only be in New York City for a few days and the rest of the week we'll be in Upstate New York enjoying the trees, lakes, and cool air.  Do you have any suggestions on what restaurants and/or bakeries are a must, because I plan on eating my way through NYC. My trip will be complete if I see Bethenny Frankel or really any Real Housewife of NYC ; ) Also any MUST see sites/stores?


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Now Choose Life said...

How exciting!! Molly and I love going to NYC. There is a great app for the subway system that we used last summer when we were there so I would get it if I were you. Also- restaurants in Hell's Kitchen are fun - also there is a great Flea Market in Hell's Kitchen if you are there over the weekend. We love Greenwich Village and Soho- We just get off the subway and walk and stop at shops and restaurants. Our favorite bakery is Magnolia Bakery I think it is around 6th and 49th street. We get the red velvet cheesecake and sit outside and people watch. There are so many things I could recommend- but one last thing- go walk around the garment district (just down from Times Square) sometimes they are passing out flyers for sample sales. Molly hit the mother load one time and we got to go to a Betsey Johnson sample sale. it was amazing!!! Message me on FB is you want to know more. Molly has a favorite vintage shop close to NYU. You are going to have so much fun!!! I'm jealous!!
Also- I love your blog!!

Emily said...

Have fun. Lots of fun. It's nice to discover your blog!

Emily http://www.mywordsinterestslife.blogspot.com

Heather said...

Hey Jesse! I'm a little bit in love with your blog! I haven't been to NYC yet, so no words of wisdom in that department, but you have a good thing going with this blog. Keep it up!

~Heather L.

Jen said...

Hey! Wish you were heading there a different weekend so I could say hi! But ah well, have a wonderful time. I wish I could direct you to certain places, but I always end up going somewhere different every time. My sister did tell me about this amazing hot dog place she discovered there a couple of weeks ago. They have what seems to be about 100 different hot dogs you can try out. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll ask her. Have a wonderful trip!