And they're off!

  Upstate New York is definitely one of the prettiest areas I've ever been. I enjoyed the small beautiful towns way more than the city.  If it wasn't for my family in Texas and the cost of living, I would move in a heart beat.

 Couldn't pass up the ice cream cut out. 

Trees lined the highway and EVERYTHING was green as we drove up to Lake Placid. I don't remember the last time I've seen a pure green forest. Rivers and lakes lined the roads as well,which seeing water in general right now is amazing considering Texas looks and feels like a desert.

Now to my favorite part of the trip, the Saratoga Race Track. I love horses, so being around such amazing thoroughbreds was a treat. We gambled a bit, and probably lost most of it. Bobby Flay was there with his horse that was supposed to win. So I bet on it, and just my luck it almost got last place.  The funniest part of the race track was crazy hats and greasy old men spending their retirement checks.


With some good connections, we were allowed to visit some private stables where we could see the horses. This horse loved me.


Alyssa Rasco said...

Where's that black and white striped dress from Dillards? :)

Jesse Coulter said...

Too expensive : (