Cherry red

Do you ever have one of those days where you are just dying to buy something? A few days ago, I experienced one of those days. Pinterest and fashion blogs don't help my addiction to shopping, or my Dave Ramsey budget. My excuse for going to Target/Old Navy was that I needed to buy a gift for a friend. Which I really did, but that was what I was telling myself even though I knew I really wanted to buy something for myself. Luckily and upsettingly Old Navy literally had nothing I wanted in my size, and by the time I got to Target my desire to try on clothes was gone. I opted for a cherry icee (I'm obsessed with Icees, very nutritious) and a pretzel instead, which was a much better decision. I think God was telling me to step away from the clothes.

Top: Jcrew Outlet. Shorts: Kohls. Shoes: Maurices (ghetto store in a tiny mall)

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