New York #2

Let me just say that the subway in NYC is a bit more difficult than any other subway I've ridden.  I pretty much had a mental break down on the first night because I was so frustrated. Lesson learned...use a map rather than an iPhone to navigate through New York.

Saw some great art at the Museum of Modern Art.

I made Alex walk quite a bit to find this Waffle Truck in central park. I will pretty much do anything for waffles and nutella.

  This Harry Winston window display on 5th Avenue stopped me dead in my tracks. Hello diamonds.

Before I left for NY many people told me I had to visit Bloomingdales. I had heard the name, but I thought it was a simple department store that was just known for being large. Boy was I wrong. I felt like a homeless bum when I walked in.  I looked over at Alex and said, "Where's the sale rack?" He replied, "I don't think there is one." I looked at a few items, and then got the heck out of there.  Bloomingdales and their little brown bag did not fit in to my small shopping budget, so I left and went to H&M.

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