Alex and I are loving NYC even though it is absolute chaos! I'll share next week some of our adventures but here are a few pics for today. We're off to Saratoga Springs this afternoon, so we've got a lot to see today. 

P.S. - For the rest of the week I'll have outfit posts of my beautiful friends!

The view from our hotel room, World Trade Center

Nutella & Strawberry Crepes!

Zara skirt on sale

Polish Food, I have been missing this!


milena milak said...

so come to Poland! I can cook you some!!! remember when I made pierogi at my house one day? I wish I could have a chance to prepare a big polish meal for you one day... ziom!

Jesse Coulter said...

Of course I remember! I remember all the pierogis I ate in Poland...so good! I hope to come to Poland in a couple of years, but plane tickets are sooo expensive to Europe right now! I miss you, and will definitely take you up on the polish meal when I get there! Ja tesknie ty!

milena milak said...

those plane tickets cost crazy money, and it's just the begining of spending it :(
But honestly the are less expensive for me than they were 5 yrs ago so it gives me a little hope! :D
Miss you too, sweet girl of Texas! I love the way You look and dress and it's a real pleasure to follow up your blog. Elo Ziom!