Country Girl?

When I moved to Abilene for college, people were surprised when I told them I grew up in the country (I think it's because I dressed like a weirdo and had a euro-mullet). We didn't put up Christmas lights, we didn't give out candy to trick or treaters, and we didn't have sidewalks to ride bikes. That's all because we pretty much didn't have neighbors, and lived 10 minutes from town. But we did have space to roam and get in to lots of trouble ; ) We were able to jump on a horse bareback and ride whenever we wanted, and play in the dirty snake infested creek in our backyard.  I complained my whole life about living in such a boring place, but now I look back I realize how good I had it as a kid.

Top: Madewell. Skirt: Jcrew. Shoes: Giannia Bini via Dillards.

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Amanda Garza Freeman said...

I LOVE THIS -- and true. We had it made out there in the country. So beutiful girl.. as always.