Escape Route

Yesterday was a very eventful afternoon. I work in the tallest building in Abilene (a whopping 20 floors), and I work on the 16th. After lunch I realized I had left the mail in my car, so of course I took the elevator down like always. Except this time, about 5 floors down the elevator crashed to a halting stop. I almost pissed my pants at that moment. First thought, "Holy crap, what do I do?". Second thought, "Ok, don't panic there is an intercom and alarm on this thing...right?" I didn't have my phone on me, but I was able to reach someone through the intercom. 20 minutes later I was free. I kind of enjoyed the solitude. I sang, tried to plan my escape route through the top of the elevator, and fiddled with the elevator buttons like Buddy on Elf. All in all a neat experience.

Jacket: Urban Outfitters. Top: Forever 21. Shorts: Kohls. Shoes: Aldo. Necklace: Jcrew Outlet

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