I'm back

 Sorry for the long absence, I've been relaxing a bit too much during this holiday.  My family and I traveled south to Galveston for Turner Christmas. The weather was horrible so all 26 of us stayed cooped in the house all weekend.

 Alex and I are settling in to our new apartment, and this weekend friends are coming to visit for New Year's...I can't wait! Time to bust out the sparkly butterfly top I bought six months ago just for this occasion.

  This might be my favorite picture : ) Grown up cousins w/Gram & Grampa

Gram w/ a few of her great Grandchildren

My niece Emalee sporting her new shoes I got her for Christmas. I love that she already loves getting clothes for Christmas. She's 8.

Ending the night with a game of Skat (Turner tradition). My Gram gets pretty competitive.

 Ella loved her new elephant

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have a fun and safe New Year's Eve!

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