Mr. Mom

This past weekend I once again traveled to Austin (4 hours from Abilene). I'm getting tired of that drive, but only two weeks till I'm officially an Austin resident.  I celebrated with family the upcoming wedding of my brother and future sis-in-law on Saturday at the Tea Embassy. My brother and Alex did a good job playing Mr. Mom throughout the day.  

Night out @ the Mohawk watching my bro's band...Hundred Visions

My bro watching Miss Ella...those curls melt my heart (Ella's that is)
 Megan and I after her bridal shower.
 Alex getting some good baby practice, he's allergic to the cats at my brother's house so he had to stay outside all day...poor thing. He then decided to take 3 benadryl, and by the time dinner came around he was pretty much out of it. He was asleep by 8pm.

P.S. - I woke up to snow this morning! Doesn't happen too often in Texas, especially this early.

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