One box at a time

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but I've been busy unpacking and trying to turn our tiny apartment into a home.  The hard part is trying to find storage for all of our junk that we stored in our last house that was slightly bigger. The Container store and IKEA have become my new best friends.  Since living in Austin I've learned that I...1.) hate traffic 2.) crave chinese food every night after hot yoga, because they conveniently place an add on our door handle 3.) need a job because I've started watching Jeopardy.

Love the tall window but need some curtains
Our ONE and only closet
Coffee table I've been eyeing at IKEA. I'm on a budget so $35 is perfect!
Other home items on my list are...patio furniture, area rug, living room and bedroom curtains, living room chair, kitchen storage, and frames for a gallery wall. It might take a while for this apartment to come together, but I guess I will patiently wait, ugh.

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