The way I shop today is extremely different than the way I shopped 5 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I still love to buy crazy random pieces, but I'm much more tame and wise when it comes to my budget and basic pieces.  I'm not an impulse buyer anymore, which is huge when you're on a budget. My husband appreciates it : ) . I recently did some window shopping (except I tried on everything I liked), to get an idea of some new items I want for the winter/spring.  I went knowing that I wasn't going to spend a dime.  I evaluated each piece and the new styles that were coming out, and from there decided what I really wanted.  I hate the feeling of buyer's remorse, so I refuse to purchase things that I will regret later. I also refuse to purchase anything full price.

Shopping like this can truly help when you have a problem with impulse buying.  If I go home and still think about that item for the next week or so, then I know it is something I truly want.  I mentally mix the item with other clothes in my closet to make sure that it will fit in well with my wardrobe. Here are a few pieces I loved!

Anthropologie Skirt - Too expensive but love the print

Anthropologie dress - Ah, the material and color of this dress are amazing. This dress is also very versatile, because it can be worn during all seasons of the year.

Zara Dress - Love the cheetah collar, excuse the dirty mirror

Fossil Black Jeans - This is one item I've been on the hunt for. Anyone recommendations for a great pair of black jeans that aren't too stretchy?

Steve Madden Platforms - I love these because they are similar to the Jeffrey Campbell boots but a little less toned down which is more my style

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grrfeisty said...

hiya :) you're my thumbnail neighbor on txsc so i thought i'd check you out! i have an anthropologie gift card and your post is making me want to spend it soon :)