19 Weeks

Have you seen, "What to Expect When You're Expecting"? If not, it's hilarious, but I'm sure much funnier if you're pregnant.  One scene in the movie a character talks about her "Ghost pregnancy". Alex looked over at me and laughed because that's what I feel like I'm experiencing. I've been patiently waiting for the bloating to go away, and the real belly to arise, literally.  I'm sure I'll regret saying that by the end of the pregnancy.  Once this belly comes in, I need to learn how to master the "cradle belly with hands" pose. I seriously look like I'm trying to suffocate my lady parts. It just looks akward. I don't know how so many women take such beautiful maternity photos and look so natural. 

Top: Francesca's. Skirt: Jcrew. Belt: Thrifted. Sunglasses: Forever 21. Watch: Michael Kors. Sandals: Aldo

 Big thanks to Francesca's for this perfect summer top! Love the stripes, and it's super comfy. Use the code "Jesse" for 30% off your online purchase.

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