Beach Belly

 Warning! You are about to be blinded by a very white belly! Alex and I had to document my growing stomach in Port A, even though it was covered up most of the time by a fishing shirt. I still feel like people think I have a beer gut, so I'm a bit skiddish about letting the sucker out.  The best part about being pregnant at the beach was that I could scarf down a full bag of Cheetos and a hot dog, and still feel perfectly ready to go out in my bathing suit. Nothing like a bloated belly to help me float in the water.

Bathing Suit: Victoria's Secret (3 yrs. old)


milena milak said...

Jesse! It's funny but I'm little bit excited about you being pregnant too :D wish You all the best, can't wait to see photos of the new Coulter in the world. As soon as he/she gets old enough You guys really MUST come to vitis us in Poland. Love, ziom!

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse,I just wanted to say that I wasn't bothered in the least by your white belly,for I thought it was just BEAUTIFUL at 19 weeks!!!And,I might add and hope you won't mind,I simply couldn't help noticing that you have like a PERFECTLY shaped innie bellybutton that to me makes your baby bump even more FASCINATING and INTRIGUING!!!!!!!!!