How To Choose the Right Gym

A new year brings a new you, or at least that's what most people want. I'm pretty sure getting fit is the most popular new year's resolution, and I think it's a great one. It is such a good feeling to take care of your body and feel strong. I love having a gym membership, and I've had one since I was 18 years old. I recently decided to switch gyms, because I realized I was paying out the butt for mine. I also needed a gym that had infant child care. I went hunting and found an amazing Gold's Gym just a mile from my apartment. Here are my tips for finding a gym that's perfect for you!

What I think in my head every time I work out...."I'm going to pump you up." (In an Austrian accent of course)

  • Price
    • Find a gym that fits your budget. I was paying a whopping $56 a month at the Y (It would cost an extra $30 for child care). My Gold's membership will be $35 a month, and it includes FREE child care. 
  • Location
    • If you work far from home look for a gym that has multiple locations so you have the option to work out close to work during the week, and close to your home on the weekend. Gold's has 11 Austin locations that I have access to at any time.
  • Amenities
    • Find out what type of exercise you like to do, and make sure the gym offers it. Swimming, Aerobics classes, Yoga, Open gym for basketball/volleyball, Cycling, etc. I love any type of aerobics class, so the gym I sign up for must have Les Mills classes as well as Zumba. A sauna is a plus as well!
  • Atmosphere
    • You want to feel comfortable when you work out, so find a gym that has an appealing atmosphere. A friendly staff goes a long way. I've got to admit, there are A LOT of huge dudes at Gold's in the free weight area that make me feel a bit uncomfortable with my 10 lb. dummbells. Thankfully, they have a women's only gym that is amazing option when I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable. 
  • Child Care
    • If you have children this will definitely be a must. Make sure the gym has a safe area with a good ratio of children to adults. If it's FREE, even better!

I hope these tips were helpful!  Some people don't need gym memberships to get in shape. Although, I feel more motivated when having one, because I'd feel bad wasting money on a membership if I didn't go.


Bridgette Nicole said...

Great advice! Just found you blog and love it! Now I need to hit the gym! haha :)

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Bridgette!