Turner's Birth Story

I've been meaning to write this for a long time, but I didn't really know how to put it in to words.  So here it goes, Turner came right on his due date, October 19. It was the perfect timing.

I began feeling contractions around 1 am on Friday, October 19. I had been experiencing intense back pain the night before so I had a feeling he was going to come soon.  I remember the midwives telling me not to freak out when I feel that I'm going in to labor, but instead relax, try to go back to sleep or keep busy. I did exactly that. I got out of bed and headed to the living room to watch tv, so I wouldn't wake up Alex. I worked through semi-painful contractions from 1am till 7am as I caught up on Glee and Nashville.  A big help during this time was a TENS unit that my mom let me borrow. I placed the 4 pads strategically on my lower back, and let them go to work. Around 7am I took a shower, and woke up Alex with, "Good Morning. Wake up. We're going to have a baby today!" Of course he freaked out, but at that point I was very calm, but beginning to experience more intense contractions. We called our midwife, and she told me to come in at 10am. 

We prepared our bags, made phone calls to family and friends, ate breakfast, and I tried to keep my mind off the contractions by watching Breaking Bad : ) I learned very quickly that I didn't want Alex to touch me or try to comfort me. I wanted to be alone when I went through a contraction. 

At 10am our midwife told me that everything was coming right along, and I was dialated 6 cm.  She admitted me in to the birthing room, and the wait began. My mom and sis were already in Austin by this time, and Alex's parents arrived about an hour later. 

From 10am till around 2pm I had semi-painful contractions. I worked through them by walking and sitting on a pilates ball.  Around 3 pm my contractions sky rocketed and I was definitely entering the Transition stage. At one point I tried to get in the hot tub, but the second I took the TENS unit off my back I felt the most intense pain of my life.  I didn't realize how much it was helping until that moment. So much for going to a birthing center to labor in a hot tub. That was my original thought behind having a baby naturally, but in the end I never touched the water.  

Throughout the transition stage I said to myself and I'm sure out loud, "I'm never having a natural birth again." "Jesus, please help me through this."  The contractions were so intense I threw up, and numerous times felt like passing out.  I never had the urge to push, but I seriously didn't think I could bare anymore contractions.  My midwife, Jennifer, suggested I sit on the toilet as a natural way for my body to push.  This definitely helped, and sure enough Turner began to show.  I resisted moving, but Jennifer told me she really preferred not delivering a baby in a toilet.  I didn't care where I was at that point, but she talked me in to moving to the bed.  I think it was around 5:30 when I began pushing.  Alex held my left knee, I held my right, and my sister coached me through it.  I can honestly say the pushing was the most painless part.  My water still hadn't broke so at the point Jennifer had to break it.  Everyone was gathered around, and they all kept saying "We can see his head. Keep pushing. He's right there!" to which I responded, "Pull him out!" After some intense pushing, I finally hear from Jennifer "Grab him Jesse. There he is!" I looked down and put my arms under his armpits and pulled him out directly on to my stomach (Yep, I really did that, and it was awesome). My first thought, "Oh dear Jesus. Thank you for getting me through this." It was the most relief I've ever experienced. 

Yes, the ENTIRE family was in the room.

Alex and I kissed and stared at our new baby boy.  Turner cried for less than a minute, and from then on was wide awake (He also pooped all over me the second he came out, but I couldn't have cared less) .  He was born at 6:10pm, weighing 6 lb. 15 oz. and measured 19.5".

I can say that I am very proud of myself for delivering Turner naturally, but I don't believe I'll be doing it again.  I know that I could do it again, but I believe my pain tolerance is too low.  My recommendation to pregnant women out there is to not labor without a TENS unit. It was a gift from God, seriously.  All in all it was an amazing and painful experience, and I can honestly say it was a labor of love.  


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. I can relate and am very proud of you for giving birth to your adorable boy, what an amazing story to tell. Thank you again for sharing.


Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks for the comment Liz, and thanks for reading!

- Jesse

Christina said...

"It was the most relief I've ever experienced." YES! Totally agree. I never new relief until that moment. Loved reading our story Jesse!

Christina said...

Just reading back over that comment. Knew* & Your. Gosh, sorry for all that! I typed way too fast. :)