Real Life COPS Episode

Coming home to my husband laying on the ground handcuffed might be the worst thing I've experienced.  Well, maybe not the worst, but I did almost have a heart attack.  I drove home after work, and pulled up to see 2 sheriff vehicles blocking off the entrance to where I park.  I got out of my car, and started walking towards the scene, and next thing I know I see Alex laying on the ground in handcuffs with a cop standing over him.  I felt like one of those crazy ladies on Cops yelling at the person getting arrested, "ALEX! WHAT'S GOING ON???" The cop shouted at me to stay away. RUDE. Alex got up after a few seconds, and told me that everything was fine and he wasn't involved.  At this point, I look over and see my neighbor handcuffed and mouthing off to the cops. I also noticed two women sitting in their car, and the cops standing behind it.  Thankfully, the cop took the handcuffs off of Alex and they began to talk about what happened.  I'm holding Turner and standing in awe, meanwhile the entire apt complex is staring at us.  Yes, we are now THAT family. Awesome.

I don't want to get too deep in to my neighbor's business, but he pretty much was trying to arrest a midwife that had come to check on his wife and new baby.  She wanted to take the baby to CPS due to the circumstances, and the husband was not having it.  That's when the cops were called.  Supposedly the woman told the cops that our neighbor had a gun, so when the cops pulled up they immediately had their guns pointing.  Alex showed up at the perfect time.  The cops yelled at him and our neighbor, "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" At first Alex told me he didn't put his hands up, because he obviously wasn't involved and then the second cop yelled directly to Alex, "DO WHAT HE SAYS!" At this point I'm dying laughing imagining Alex's face as he throws both of his hands up in the air. 

Let's just say it was a very eventful night, and I think Alex had a blast being handcuffed to the ground, sad but true. 

The aftermath, giving his statement

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