Born in the USA

It was such a wonderful Thursday not having to go to work and getting to spend the entire day w/my men.  I started the morning off bright and early with body pump at the gym, so I could prepare for all the junk I was going to eat later that day. Then I serenaded Turner w/Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" about 100 times. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm the coolest mom in the world, and he danced for the first time so he must have enjoyed it : )

For lunch we headed to a friend's house for lunch, and Turner got to play with his buddy, Emma.  I think they're in love.

Thursday night we went to the Round Rock Express baseball game, which I think everyone else in the city had the same idea because it was insanely packed.  We bought lawn seats, and the lawn was completely full, but we were able to squeeze ourselves in to a little spot way in the back.  So much for watching the game.  Instead, we ate and talked. 

Turner having his first taste of nacho cheese, yum.

Turner fought sleep, and stayed up till the fireworks were over which wasn't till 10:30.

We enjoyed our day off to celebrate America, now back to work.  

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