Weekend Errands

 Turner and I made a trip to my hometown this weekend to run some errands and make a quick stop by the dentist office (I'm feeling a cavity coming on).  Saturday, we headed to the big city, aka San Antonio, to get crafting materials/decorations for my future niece's nursery as well as material to make some pillows for my living room.  I loved seeing all the halloween and fall decorations, but it's hard for me to begin decorating with these when it's still so hot outside. So instead, I bought my favorite fall candy, Caramel Apple Pops!

I enjoyed hunting for fabric with my mom and sis to make a couple of large floor pillows and well as a few shams for my existing couch pillows. I'm trying to add SOME color in to my house, because most of everything I own is white, tan, brown or black.  

Trying to figure out how much material we needed was like rocket science to me.  Turner wasn't impressed with our fabric shopping, but we did find him a halloween costume 40% on sale!  P.S. - Don't ever leave JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby without using a coupon.  I saved 40% off my most expensive item, and $5 off my total purchase over $35. Plus, all of the fabric I bought was 50% off.  

The biggest reason we headed out of town was so Alex could work on the house.  Painting is not easy when you have a little one who is discovery everything running around.  He painted our living room trim, so now we're ready to paint the walls! Our house is coming along slowly but surely.

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