Craiglist Score

Since moving in to our house, I have been obsessed with the website Thou Shall Craiglist.  It's a site specifically dedicated to posting the awesome/unique new craiglist postings for Austin.  I scored this 3 piece dresser set a few weeks ago for a great price.  I can't wait to paint them white!  I've moved my old dresser in to our guest bedroom, and I'm thinking of painting it a bold color since most everything in our house is white.  

We would love to fill our home with beautiful furniture as soon as possible, but you and I know that decorating a home is expensive....very expensive.  Thankfully Alex is quite the woodworker, so he's agreed to build me as many pieces as he knows how.  It will take time, and I will be trying hard to practice patience. 

What deals have you found on craigslist?! Now, I'm on the hunt for matching twin beds and a round dining table.

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