Girls Weekend

This past weekend I took a quick trip to Fredericksburg with my Sis and Mom to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  Our first stop, Fredericksburg Trade Days.  Here are a few items I liked or found interesting.

Scored this 5x7 rug for my bro for $30 from an old cowboy booth! Best deal of the day.  A guy not too far away was selling similar rugs for $600! I was like "Get that corn outta my face!"

Spies Like Us Halloween costume?

Creepy much?

Chocolate covered pickles, bacon and jalapeños...no words.

 My sis was 9 months preggo and walked the entire weekend. Us Turners don't let a giant belly get in our way of shopping.  I came away with two table cloths, a vintage christmas tree, a unique Levi's pearl snap made in to a women's top, and a metal storage stand for our guest bedroom. My biggest take away is finding inspiration from vendors on how they style their items and booths.  I had a wonderful girls weekend, and I look forward to doing it again next year!

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