Christmas 2013

Christmas went by in a flash this year, because I had to work the day before and the day after. We made the most of it and drove down to my home town to celebrate with family.  Turner seemed semi interested in his presents (as much as a 14 month old would), and my nieces got some pretty awesome gifts.  Motorized scooters, bb gun, princess dresses, easy bake oven...the adults might have played with them as well.  I'm always sad to see Christmas end, but I'm positive that's why New Year's celebrations were created.  To help ease us off our Christmas high.  Alex and I were planning on spending our New Year's Eve at home, but our neighbors invited us to a NYE party at their house.  We will have to take turns staying home with Mr. T while he sleeps.  How wonderful is it that when I'm ready to go home after a night of celebrating, I will just have to walk across my front yard. Whoo hoo!

What are your NYE plans? 

I love this picture of my brother, Turner and my niece Katie.  I love how I caught the excitement of Katie as my brother sped off in the golf cart.  Parents, want to know how to keep your kids entertained? A golf cart. Probably not the safest, but heck it is a blast.

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