Before And After: Guest Bathroom

We have successfully renovated our guest bathroom!  I'm so glad to see the dated wallpaper and brown cabinets go.  This was honestly an extremely simple and inexpensive renovation.  I'll discuss in detail our steps and costs of the project below.

Demo time!  This was a scary site for me considering I'd never worked on a project like this before.  Up until this moment I had only painted, so I was a bit worried we could pull it off.  Originally, we were going to leave the cabinet above the toilet, but I found inspiration from this bathroom on Pinterest. I'm so thankful we decided to knock it out.  It opens up the space and makes the room feel much bigger.  Taking the sliding glass doors out also made a huge difference in the overall look.  A pretty shower curtain is much more appealing to the eye.

1st Step: Remove the wall paper (We used vinegar and water)

2nd Step: Remove the sliding glass doors

3rd Step: Alex removed the cabinet, blew out the soffit between the ceiling and the cabinet, patched it up with new sheet rock, and then mudded the area

4th Step: Sand the walls

5th Step: Coat the walls with spray texture

6th Step: Paint! First, I painted the cabinets and trim, which included; deglossing, 1 coat of bonding primer, 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams Snowbound. For the walls I applied 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams Gray Matters. For the ceiling I applied 1 coat primer and 1 coat Snowbound.  It's crazy how much the white cabinets changed the look of the countertop and tile.  Before everything had a yellow tone, and now it seems much more bright and clean.

  • Sheet rock $10
  • Mud $10
  • Wall Texture Spray $19 x 3
  • Wall Primer $13 (1 Gallon)
  • Wall Paint $13 (1 Gallon) - Sherwin-Williams Gray Matters (We got a *special* rate thanks to a friend)
  • Cabinet Paint/Ceiling Paint (Leftover from 5 gallon bucket) - Sherwin-Williams Snowbound
  • Hand tools - we already owned
Total = $489 (not including tax)

The most expensive items of this project were the mirrors and the vanity light.  We removed the long rectangle mirror, and replaced it with two individual oval mirrors which makes a huge difference in my opinion.  Thankfully we had a few Lowe's and Home Depot gift cards left over from Christmas we were able to put towards this project.  We still have to add some towel racks, and maybe a large vase to go in between the mirrors, but overall we are finished!


Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

What an upgrade! Nice work!

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