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Let me introduce you to one of the cutest family owned toy companies, Bannor Toys. They make beautiful and simple wooden toys.  Turner absolutely loves his wood car rattle, and I'm planning on buying the Texas teether for my next baby!  They're also great gifts for friends with children, because you can personalize each item, such as the birth details (date, weight, height, name).

I recently chatted with Stacey who runs the family business with her husband, Jesse, to get to know more about the company.  Stacey and Jesse started Bannor Toys in their Des Moines, Iowa basement with just $100 to buy a Sears scroll saw, and grew the business as they could afford to, never taking out a loan. The Bannors hand-make every single quality toy, and set up shop across their home.  They are the parents to three children, so I can imagine how difficult it can be at times to work from home.  What sets Bannor Toys apart from many other toy companies is their customer service.  Stacey will answer an email at 2am on her phone, if a customer has a question or concern.  I like that I can put a face to the company I'm purchasing from.

I love that the toys are handmade in the USA, 100% natural, and affordable. The organic paint is safe for children to chew on, and the wood is all natural, not artificially stained.

I think if I had to choose my favorite toy it would be the state rattles. And of course, TEXAS, would be my top choice.

Bannor Toys - Wooden Car Rattle

Bannor Toys - Wooden Car Rattle

Bannor Toys - Wooden Car Rattle
Rattle c/o Bannor Toys - Thoughts & opinions my own

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