Summer Nights

Lately, Turner has been staying up 2 hours later than usual. Thank you summer time.  This has meant more time we get to spend together after work.  Although, I do miss those extra two hours to do house work or relax. By the time I put him down around 8:30/9pm I'm completely exhausted, and can barely keep my eyes open if I try to read or work on my computer. 

We try to spend as much time outside as possible after dinner. Misquito spray is our best friend.  There are tons of parks in our area, so we try to check out a few a week.  We also take lots of trips to the pool and Lowe's/Home Depot for home improvement projects (Turner's favorite word is lawnmower...he freaks out when he hears or sees one).  I want Turner to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I want him to learn that exercise is important to his overall mental and physical health.  Plus, being outside always makes my day better.


Turner saw a bunch of trail runners, so he ran over and started to jog himself. I think he runs faster than me.

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