New Tradition: Family Yearbook

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I want to print photos and preserve memories. I'm not in to scrapbooking, and I have photo albums with printed photos that are falling apart.  A photo book was the perfect solution.  I decided to start a tradition of creating a family yearbook at the end of each year, and hope to see them line our bookshelves full of memories over the years. 

I used Shutterfly, and chose a 12x12 book with 29 pages.  I chose a very plain white layout, uploaded my photos, and got to work.  I added text to most pages, describing the event/memory. One of my favorite pages was titled "Turnerisms", and I wrote out all the funny and cute things Turner has said over the past year.  Other pages included;

I'm in love with our 2014 Family Yearbook, and will cherish it forever. Turner is obsessed, and our family and friends love looking through it. We naturally forget all that happens in the span of a year, so a book like this really captures how wonderful the year was and all that was accomplished. 


i Steven said...

colorful memories

Anonymous said...

I love this! what a great idea!

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