20 Weeks {Twins}

How Far Along: 20 weeks

Babies Genders: Boy AND Girl

Things to Note:
- Had our 20 week ultrasound and both babies are healthy and growing! I prayed and prayed prior to our appointment for a good report, and was so thankful to hear good news. Baby A is a boy (Walt) and is on the bottom. The doctor advised he will be delivered first. Baby B is a girl (Whitney) and she is sitting right on top of Walt (right near my belly button). Poor Walt was getting kicked in the face by Whitney, and he kept squirming trying to get out of the way.

- Got the go ahead from the doctor to travel/fly for work when I'm 26 weeks pregnant. I wasn't sure what the risks were with twins when flying, but I'm good to go.

- Alex felt kicks for the first time...very sweet moment. Turner on the other hand doesn't want to feel them move.

Nursery: Excited to be getting these indigo dyed crib sheets from Etsy shop, Shop TeAdoro. 

- Feeling sharper movements. My belly will randomly get hard in certain spots and I can feel the babies bodies pushing up against me.

- Starting to notice a bit of swelling after exercising. I'm definitely beginning to "fill out" a bit, and noticing changes in my legs and arms. I gain most of my extra weight during pregnancy in my thighs/hips. I try hard not to worry about weight gain, because I know the babies need it (plus I love food).

- Can only sleep on my right side. For some reason, every time I try to lay on my left side I experience extreme discomfort in my ribs/side, so one of the twins is in an odd position. 

Exercise: Body Pump (weight training), 30 min. walk x 3, 1.5 hour hike at the Barton Creek Green Belt

Weight Gain: 17 lbs.

Clothing: Trying to find underbelly maternity jeans that don't cost an arm and a leg. I will be set if I can find a pair of distressed/boyfriend style jeans and 1 pair of black jeans. I absolutely despise over the belly maternity jeans (they sag and drive me crazy).

Cravings: All food...wanting to eat everything in sight.

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