Twin Gender Reveal

Alex and I had a simple gender reveal, but it was SO exciting! Everything is better when it comes in twos ; ) We had our ultrasound 2 days prior, and it was so hard for me not to rip open the envelope with the results. Prior to our appointment, I bought wrapping paper and 4 pairs of baby moccasins at Old Navy, with the intention of taking 2 pairs back after the reveal. Gold for girls and gray/brown for boys.

The morning of the reveal, I layed out the shoes and gift boxes in my guest bedroom and handed my host daughter the envelope. I asked her to read the results and put the correct pair of shoes in each box, and then hide the pairs she didn't use. I left the room, and waited patiently for her to finish. After the boxes were sealed tight I wrapped them and added bows. 

As you can tell I was a bit excited about having a GIRL!
  And a BOY!
Great to have my best friend in town who is also expecting a month after me!

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