22 Weeks {Twins}

How Far Along: 22 weeks (P.S. I'm posting these a week late so I can give you a full update of how I felt during that actual week)

Babies Genders: Boy AND Girl

Things to Note:
- Super emotional watching the Leftovers Premiere...I was SOBBING during the opening scene. Any mothers feel the same way? I also cried on the way home thinking about holding two babies constantly, and the thought of Turner feeling lonely or sad that I wasn't giving him enough attention.

- Collecting a list of twin pregnancy books on Amazon I want to read (specifically in regards to sleep and breastfeeding), but I'm running out of time. I really really want to try breastfeeding, but I am terrified. I had such a hard time with Turner, so I can't imagine how it will be with two.  Praying for guidance, support and the right help.

Nursery: Decided to participate in the One Room Challenge and complete the nursery in 5 weeks! Follow along my journey, as I will be posting updates every week till the big reveal on Nov. 12th.


- Indigestion and heartburn have officially kicked in. I'll eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and a few hours later I'll have heartburn. I can't imagine what spicy Mexican food is going to do to me!

- Constipation...TMI, but it's true.

Exercise: Body Pump (weight training) x 2, 30 min. walk x 3

Clothing: Received an awesome package in the mail from Envie De Fraises with some beautiful maternity dresses. I wore one to my baby shower, and will be sporting the others to work very soon!

Cravings: N/A

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