27 Weeks {Twins}

Tee: Maternity Countdown Tee

How Far Along: 27 Weeks (this is a week late so I can give you a full update on my 27th week of pregnancy)

Babies Genders: Boy (Walton) AND Girl (Whitney)

Due Date: February 8, will deliver no later than January 25

Things to Note:
- Alex's co-workers through us a wonderful baby shower. We have a few items left on our baby registry, so we're putting any extra gift cards towards those....Twin Z Pillow, Baby Monitor (we never used one with Turner, but thinking we'll want one with two), Joovy Twin Roo Plus Frame Stroller, Baby Brezza Formula Food Maker and LOTS of diapers!

- Had my glucose test. I really don't understand why women complain about it so much, it's not that bad. I scheduled my appointment for 7am that way I wouldn't have to fast during the day. I chugged it, then got on my laptop and worked as the hour went by. I haven't gotten the results back yet.

- Had an amazing massage (half chair massage for my back, then laid down on the normal massage table with a big wedge behind my back & she massaged my legs/arms....heaven!)

Nursery: The nursery is complete...minus organizing the closet. See the final reveal photos HERE!

- I really felt heavy this week. My body just kind of hit a wall, and I was dragging. By the end of the day I didn't have much energy to play with Turner (the time change doesn't help).

- Tons of pressure down there...TMI, but constipation is my life these days.

Exercise: Body Pump x 2, Pure Barre x 1 - I honestly feel super strong and proud of myself when I'm lifting weights in my Body Pump class. When I look at my side profile in the mirror I think "Wow....look at that belly! Get it girl." Cue the not so pretty weight lifting face.

Clothing: All I want to wear are leggings, but I only have two shirts that cover my rear. I really don't want to buy any more maternity clothes, so I'm trying to wear a lot of my dresses. My favorite pair of maternity jeans have become uncomfortable : ( , because the waist has started to cut in to my belly. I also desperately need a new bra or two. Mine is so uncomfortable, so I tend to wear sports bras almost every day.

Cravings: Burgers, French Fries, Coke

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