32 Weeks {Twins}

Tee: Maternity Countdown Tee
How Far Along: 32 Weeks (this is a week late so I can give you a full update on my 32nd week of pregnancy)

Babies Genders: Boy (Walton) AND Girl (Whitney) #WaltandWhit

Due Date: February 8, will deliver no later than January 25 which is when I'll be 38 weeks

Things to Note: 
- I had my 32 week check-up on Friday, and my mom went with me for the first time. It was fun watching the babies on the ultrasound with her. At my 28 week appointment Walt was head down and Whitney was head up. Now they are BOTH head down, so that is great news. They are both facing towards each other towards my belly button, no wonder there is a battle constantly going on near my belly button.

- Walt weighs 3lb. 11 oz. and Whitney weighs 4 lb. 2 oz.. I can't believe I have 8 pounds of baby in me. My bump is measuring 38 weeks of a singleton baby. Turner was just over 6 lbs. at 40 weeks.

-Turner calls the twins' Whitney and Waltney. It really is the cutest, so I don't correct him anymore. I've been thinking about buying him a small gift to be from the babies when he comes to the hospital to visit for the first time. Any ideas?

- Big news this week! I found out that I will likely be able to take 12 weeks PAID maternity vs. the original 6 weeks I thought. I was planning on using 2 weeks of vacation to make it a total of 8 paid weeks, but now that I'm getting 12, I'm going to save the vacation days for a real vacation! My mom will be coming to stay for a few weeks after the baby is born, and Alex gets 6 weeks paid paternity leave. Thankfully Alex can split his up, so he'll take a week off or two in the beginning and then go back to work for a week or two, and then can come back home for a week. It's really flexible, and depends on what our needs are. I'm extremely grateful for that because I know so many moms are not in the same situation. I didn't get any paid maternity leave with Turner.

- I am planning on working up until the day I'm due, so I'm very thankful for a job that I can prop my feet up and work from home when I need to.

Weight gain: 40 lbs.

- Excited to officially be partnering with the Container Store to renovate the nursery closet! We will be getting started after the new year. More details to come! See the full nursery reveal here.

- I set up my 4Moms mamaRoo and rockaRoo in the nursery. So funny that I won both of these in separate giveaways. I'm so glad I kept them : )

-  Itching...oh the itching (particularly around my chest). I apply lotion 4-5 times a day.

- Heartburn...Thank the Lord for tums. Oh, and note to future pregnant self, oh wait, that's never happening again. Note to all other pregnant women, DO NOT drink orange juice if you have terrible heartburn. It's very painful coming back up.

- Calf cramps every once in a while in the middle of the night

Exercise: Christmas shopping, yard work, and chasing my toddler around count as my exercise these days.

Clothing: I've stopped buying clothes for myself, and have become obsessed with all things baby girl. I've discovered I'm a hoarder of leggings. I can't get enough of the adorable patterns, and I could never do that with Turner. Poor little Walt and his hand me downs...eh, he'll never notice, plus Turner had some pretty stylish outfits so he's fine. Whitney on the other hand will be sporting lots of bright leggings and headbands.

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