35 Weeks {Twins}

Twin Pregnancy
Top - Maternity Countdown Tee

How Far Along: 35 Weeks (this is a week late so I can give you a full update on my 35th week of pregnancy)

Babies Genders: Boy (Walton) AND Girl (Whitney) #WaltandWhit

Due Date: February 8, but will be induced on January 26th at 38 weeks if I don't go in to labor prior

Things to Note: 

- Had my 35 week appointment, which included an ultrasound, 45 min. stress test and visit with the doctor. Both babies are still head down and Whitney was moving like crazy!  They didn't measure for size and weight, but the ultrasound tech guessed they are probably around 5lbs. 

- My induction date has officially been scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 7pm. If I go in to labor prior my sweet neighbors said they would watch Turner until family arrives. 

- I had an in-home breastfeeding course taught this past Sunday by Stork Maternity Consulting and it was great. I'm praying that I can successfully breastfeed these babies (we can't afford formula)!

- My body is definitely showing signs that it is getting ready to go in to labor. Back pain, cramps, braxton-hicks...some days worse than others. It's a guessing game, but the doctor thinks I will have them before my induction date. 

Weight gain: 45 lbs.

- Braxton-hicks ALL the time

- Heartburn

- Sleepless nights. I wake up about every 2 hours, and either have to use the restroom or flip sides. My stomach is as hard as a rock, and the babies are so high it's painful. 

- Danced at one of my childhood friend's wedding in 4 inch wedges. Honestly the wedges were super comfy, but I couldn't get very low and shake my hips like Shakira.

-  Constantly wrangling Turner. I carry him a lot on my hip or sometimes on top of my belly, and put him in his car seat multiple times a day.

Clothing: Ugh...I'm getting super bored with my clothing options. I have 2 tunics that cover my stomach and bottom, and then a few loose dresses that I wear with leggings. Thankfully all of my shoes still fit.

Cravings: No specific cravings, but I'm taking advantage of eating out at restaurants as much possible before I don't have the chance for a while. Planning lots of lunch dates with girlfriends and family dates with Alex and Turner.


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Oh my gosh! I am nervous just reading this. You look all babies and will probably get back into your regular clothes fast. That top is adorable, btw. Hang in there.

Lisa Kimberly said...

You're so close! :) I ended up being induced in my 35th week, and while I was partly relieved at no longer being pregnant, I was bummed that I hadn't made it to 37 weeks (my original induction date).

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Linda!

Jesse Coulter said...
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Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Lisa! I'm 36 weeks now, and hoping I go in to labor before 38 weeks when I'm scheduled for an induction.