Dressing The Bump {Third Trimester}

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Dressing a baby bump during the third trimester can get a bit boring as your outfit options minimize, but there are ways to keep things interesting. Cue scarves, hats, jewelry and shoes! I haven't had swelling with this pregnancy, so I was able to continue to wear all of my shoes. My riding boots and over-the-knee boots dressed up my outfits, and I wore my high-top Nike sneakers when I wanted to slip something on quickly.

I relied on comfy leggings for pants, because jeans were very uncomfortable. Dresses and tunics were also my friend. I had thought about purchasing a winter coat, but c'mon I live in Texas. So I wore my non maternity coats and added a scarf for extra coverage when it was actually cold out.

I'm currently 35 weeks, and most of my tops don't fit anymore, so if you see me out I'll likely be wearing the same thing for the next 3 weeks. While I'm at home I'm in baggy t-shirts and sweatpants all day, every day.

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