San Antonio Anniversary Weekend

A few weeks ago Alex and I traveled south to San Antonio to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! We took Turner along because asking my mom to watch all 3 kiddos is cruel. Here's a fun recap of our trip which was more centered around Turner ; )

1st Stop - The DoSeum

I had heard so many great things about The DoSeum, a San Antonio children's museum , so I was super excited to check this off our list. It did not disappoint! Tons of interactive activities and beautifully decorated rooms for all ages. I could have spent hours in "Little Town" which was a mini town for kids under 5. A food truck, bank, hospital, airport, and my favorite part...an HEB grocery store. I'm kind of obsessed with fake food, so it was a blast playing in the store with Turner. They had tiny shopping carts, a bakery, deli, and even the check out line had a real bar code scanner! Towards the end of our time there, we went outside to explore...I lost sight of Turner for 3 seconds and when I found him, he was standing in a tiny river STILL wearing his shoes and socks (the only shoes we had brought for the weekend). I couldn't be mad at him though because he was having an absolute blast.

2nd stop - The Historic Pearl

Next we headed to the Historic Pearl downtown. We toured the area checking out some farmer's market booths and restaurants, but ending up heading to Sam's Burger Joint just outside of the area because it was less expensive and not busy. Turner was pretty cranky by this point. When we ordered, Turner requested a grilled cheese. When the waitress brought it out he completely lost it, because it had CHEESE in it! Oh goodness....this is the difference between taking a trip with a child and one without.

3rd Stop - Drury Plaza Hotel

After lunch we headed to the Drury Plaza Hotel on the Riverwalk. We had been hyping up the hotel had 2 pools (one inside and one outside) to Turner most of the trip so he was ready to go swimming the second we walked through the door.  It was nice and warm at the rooftop pool, and had great views of San Antonio.

After we swam, Turner and I hit up the free popcorn/soda bar at the hotel which was awesome! A mid-day snack was just what we needed. We headed back to the room, and thankfully Turner took a nap! 

Our room was perfect because it had a separate bedroom with a king size bed and closing door, and then a hallway that led to a living room which had a pull out couch and tv. Great for families! Alex and I enjoyed having a bit of privacy, but Turner did end up sleeping with us (vibe killer). Our balcony had an amazing view of the Riverwalk and San Fernando Cathedral, which I found out is the oldest cathedral in Texas, built in the 1700s.

One of our favorite parts of our hotel stay was their everyday Happy Hour from 5:30-7pm. Every guest receives 3 drink tickets (which included draft beer and hand made cocktails), and they have free dinner for all guests! Alex and I had made a reservation to have a nice dinner that night, but when we showed up to happy hour and saw how great it was, we decided to cancel our reservation, save money, and enjoy the free food! Cheers!

4th Stop - Riverwalk

Our hotel was right on the Riverwalk, so we walked out the door and there we were! We were pleasantly surprised to see a river parade celebrating Armed Forces. I grew up 30 minutes south of San Antonio, and have visited the city hundreds of times but I had never felt like a tourist when visiting. This trip I did! We took a 30 minute Riverwalk cruise, which Turner loved and we learned a lot about the history of the city.

Once we returned to the hotel, we went for a night swim in the indoor pool and jacuzzi to let Turner get his energy out. We ended the night watching an amazing light show on the San Fernando Cathedral from our balcony. 

Sunday morning I was up by 6:30 thanks to Turner. We enjoyed a free hot breakfast, and Turner was dying to swim one last time before we checked out so Alex took him while I enjoyed our view and packed our bags. This trip was much different than our previous anniversary trips, but this is the stage of life we're in and we have to roll with it.  Even though Turner can be quite the stinker, we still enjoy the quality time we get to spend with him (tantrums and all). I'm grateful that my mother was willing to watch Walt and Whitney so we had our hands free. 

I loved feeling like a tourist in a city that I know so well, and staying at the Drury Plaza Hotel was icing on the cake. Great location, great food, and they know exactly what families need!  There are so many great things to do in this city that we didn't even explore due to time. If you're wanting to take a fun vacation with your family this summer but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, I highly recommend visiting San Antonio!

This post was brought to you in partnership with Drury Hotels. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

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