Life Lately

January has come and gone quickly, and there have been lots of tears and lots of joy. Check out what's been going on with work, family, and more.

My new job is going great, and I am finding the days FLYING by because I'm so busy. This is a good thing, and I enjoy the work I do. Last week I traveled to San Antonio for a market blitz as we gained a new distributor which would be huge for sales. I partnered with our sales managers in the field and went store to store selling XYIENCE. My role isn't to actually sell XYIENCE to stores, but being in the field gave me first hand experience of the tough job our sales team has. Selling isn't easy, and I strongly dislike it. I could talk all day but when it comes to closing a sale, I'm like...oh you don't want it..ok, thanks. Turn and walk away. The morning after I stayed with my Mom in my hometown which is just south of San Antonio, I actually went in to Walmart and HEB by myself and pitched XYIENCE. The manager at Walmart wanted it but had to get approval from her boss who wasn't there...eh...almost made a sale. Next stop, HEB, and I did it! I sold 24 cases, and was proud of myself for pushing through my fear.

I had a ton of anxiety in creating a YouTube channel. So many unknowns...what type of camera would I use, where do I shoot, what kind of lighting do I need, how will I edit, and when will I have the TIME?! I honestly rarely watch YouTube unless I'm googling how to do something, but Alex watches about an hour of YouTube a night. He was the one that encouraged me to dive in and just do it. Thankfully he does the editing which is the most time consuming part.

We made it! ONE year with 3 kiddos! It's still a nut show everyday after work, and I'm sure it will continue till the babies are at least 4. Weekends are TOUGH! I find myself *sort of* looking forward to Monday, because I can actually have a quiet moment to myself.

Last year I planned 4 ATX Blogger Mixers, but I've decided to take a break from planning for a while. After my dad passed away, my priorities shifted. I have SO many things I want to plan and do when it comes to blogging events, but I don't have the time or energy right now. Well, honestly I could make the time, but I don't want to feel rushed this year, or feel like there's something I HAVE to get done. I haven't gotten out too much with friends/neighbors either, because I've been sick a ton this past month. I'm so ready to start feeling like myself again...dang it Cedar allergies!

If you didn't know I'm doing a 6 month NO shopping challenge for myself. I can't purchase clothes, shoes, accessories, unnecessary makeup, etc for myself till after June 30. I'm really enjoying the challenge so far, and feel like I've been saving quite a bit. I've started working out again, and if I wasn't doing this challenge I would purchase some new work out clothes...people are going to be seeing a lot of these camo leggings! I haven't bought any home decor items, and have tried really hard to limit any kid's clothes. Basically the only thing I spend money on is food and bills.

I'm a dreamer, and am ALWAYS planning a vacation. I'm currently planning out our summer vacations (including Mo-Ranch in August), and possibly a kid-less vacation in May...ahhh I'm SO excited. Details to come soon, but it does involve a passport!

There's not a day that goes by I don't think of my Dad and cry. I miss his voice and his touch...even just a hug. I've taken 2 SoulCycle classes and bawled my eyes out during each one...no idea why, my body just needed to let it out in a dark room with LOUD music. When I visited my Dad in the hospital prior to his surgery, I was telling him about all the things going on in my life...sick babies, wrecked car, new car, work, etc. He looked at me and said , "Enjoy it." I'll never forget those words. I knew he sincerely meant I should embrace and enjoy the mundane moments because life goes by so fast. Ok, now I'm crying so I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for being a part of my journey!